February 1, 2023

Latest Twitter Files Expose Intel Agency Takeover & Hillary Clinton’s Role In Pressing Company To Censor

Learn how the media and intelligence community turned Twitter into their lapdog

Journalist Matt Taibbi launched the latest batch of The Twitter Files on Tuesday, this particular thread titled, “ Just how Twitter Let the Intelligence Neighborhood In. ”

In August 2017, Twitter was not worried about getting caught up in the establishment’s states of Russian election meddling disinformation spreading on social media marketing and encouraged those curious to look into Facebook rather.

Soon, Democrat Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) began complaining the company wasn’t censoring enough of this supposed Ruskies propaganda.

Twitter Public Policy VP Colin Crowell later fulfilled with congressional leaders and reported back to the company, detailing Senator Warner said the particular Democrats were taking purchases from Hillary Clinton to maintain the Russiagate nonsense within the news and to pressure Huge Tech to “ maintain producing material” for them.

That same 7 days, Clinton had said, “ It’s time for Tweets to stop dragging its pumps and live up to the fact that its platform is being used as a tool for cyber-warfare. ”

The company soon created a “ Russia Job Force” to do the bidding of the Democrat politicians, but the group didn’t find any evidence of a coordinated scheme coming from Russia.

After accurately reporting their minimal findings regarding Russian activity, the leftist establishment once again came after Twitter.

Congress claimed it might pass legislation costing Twitter advertising revenue if they didn’t enjoy along with the phony Russia narrative.

With the tech firm preparing to submit to congressional threats and remove balances like Russia Today and Sputnik , someone in the halls associated with Congress leaked the laws being crafted in an attempt to add 2700 additional accounts to the list of alleged Russian disinformation spreaders.

Soon, as Taibbi explained, Twitter was apologizing for and removing the same accounts they’d initially told the Senate were not an issue.

Internal firm messages also revealed management understood that both journalists and the government now acquired them right where they wanted.

“ Reporters now know that this can be a model that works, ” concerning the press publicly calling meant for accounts to be banned and in turn pressuring the company.

When it came to the intelligence community’s involvement in phoning for accounts to be censored, Twitter leadership wrote, “ We will not be reverting towards the status quo. ”

Taibbi ended the particular thread by informing followers he’d release another one immediately. CLICK HERE to read about that drop.

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