January 27, 2023

Clown World Justice System: Ex-Con Granted 31 Felony Bonds Totaling More than $1 Million

Harris County has allowed ex-convict repeat offender accused of chaotic crimes to continually connection out of jail.

An ex-convict has been granted 31 felony bonds by criminal district courts in Texas, allowing the repeat offender to stay out of jail.

The particular plethora of felony provides totaling a staggering $1. sixteen million have been granted in order to 24-year-old Joshua Gabriel Ortiz-Lopez since 2019 on fees including organized criminal exercise, arson, retaliation, and possession of body armor with a convicted felon.

Here’s a Facebook post of alleged crimes he committed in 2018:

Speaking to Fox 26 Houston , Crime Stoppers Movie director of Victim Services and Advocacy Andy Kahan blasted the Harris County judicial system for continually allowing the recidivist to escape proper rights.  

“ I’ve never seen somebody who’s out on a total of 31 felony bonds, ” Kahan told Fox, incorporating, “ If public protection is your primary goal to keep the public safe from a good offender like him, a possibility happening. ”

“ I’ve seen their bond revoked on one situation four times on one more case four times, ” said Kahan. “ They keep reinstating it, and keeps getting back out. He keeps reoffending and they keep putting him back away. ”

“ I dare anyone around who’s watching this, if you think you can top 31 felony bonds, call me, a person contact us, ” he additional.

Fox 26 reviews Ortiz-Lopez is far from converted, and “ has racked up seven new felony charges and was convicted of felony theft in [nearby] Montgomery County. ”

Reporters went to the deal with listed on Ortiz-Lopez’s bonds, and “ A woman generally there told us, he no longer lives there. ”

According to Fox Houston , the judge who signed off on the bonds, Amy Matn, “ lost the 263rd bench in last year’s primary election. ”

The outrageous criminal offence bond program is obviously a feature, not a flaw from the progressive bail reform system being instituted by far-left Democrat judges and region attorneys in blue cities nationwide which allows criminals falsely accused of so-called low-level minor offenses to be released upon bail.

The risk to the public is these released sometimes go on in order to re-offend or commit various other violent crimes.

The Texan. news reviews:

An increasing number of high-profile crimes are actually associated with suspects out on bail, and Crime Stoppers associated with Houston victim’s advocate Andy Kahan  reports   that there have been at least 182 victims allegedly killed by suspects out on several felony or personal recognizance (PR) bonds since 2018.


At a  National Day of Remembrance event   just for murder victims in September, Crime Stoppers of Houston said they could no longer examine aloud the victims’ names from the previous year since the list had become a long time. Family members at the event usually shouted “ vote all of them out” in regard to criminal court judges who were releasing chaotic suspects on bond.

Numerous victims’ family members have became a member of forces with new politics action committee (PAC)  Stop Houston Murders   in support of Republican applicants for judicial offices within the county. The group has raised $2. 4 million considering that last summer and has positioned both television and radio ads.

Among those appearing within advertisements for Stop Houston Murders PAC is the sibling of 71-year-old  Martha Medina , who was allegedly murdered by a suspect released on bond for capital murder by Democratic Assess Hilary Unger. Unger deals with an electoral challenge from former chief felony prosecutor Julian Ramirez.

Maybe 2023 will be the year more people wake up to the clown globe justice system policies.

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