January 28, 2023

Michael jordan Peterson Threatened by Ontario Authorities Over Political Twitter posts

Psychologist says Ontario regulator desires him to undergo “re-education” or lose his license

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson said on Tuesday that may lose his permit unless he submits in order to mandatory  “ social-media communication retraining”   by the University of Psychologists of Ontario, his home province’s certification authority.

“ I face general public disgrace, mandatory political re-education, disciplinary hearing and potential loss of my clinical licensing for agreeing with [Conservative MP] Pierre Poilievre and criticizing our standing [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau, ”   Peterson  said   on Twitter.

According to Peterson,   “ about a dozen people from all over the world”   submitted complaints to the CPO, alleging his views and comments  “ harmed people. ”   None of them were actual clients of his, yet lied about it so their complaints would be accepted, he or she added.

The particular CPO demands that Peterson undergoes the  “ retraining”   and submits  “ progress”   reports, or even face an  “ in-person tribunal”   and suspension system of his license to use as a clinical psychologist.

If I comply, the particular terms of my re-education and my punishment is going to be announced publicly, ”   he said.

“ Canadians: your physicians, lawyers, psychologists and other experts are now so intimidated by way of a commissar overlords that they concern to tell you the truth. Which means that your care and legal counsel has been rendered dangerously hard to rely on, ”   Peterson  tweeted .

Peterson was reinstated upon Twitter in November, after Elon Musk bought the company and reversed many prior bans that he thought unjust. He had been  locked out   of his account in Come july 1st 2022, for refusing to use a transgender actor’s new title and pronouns.

On December 27, Peterson  tweeted   that Trudeau  “ seems to me to be perpetually fourteen yrs old, ”   referring to the concept of  “ psychological age”   in the field of expertise.

The psychologist very first gained national and worldwide attention in 2016, when he was subjected to similar  “ re-education”   pressure over his criticism of the bill that declared  “ gender identity and expression”   to be protected groups. More recently, he has  denounced   the  “ totalitarian”   lockdowns and vaccine mandates accepted by many countries – which includes Canada – in response to the particular Covid-19 pandemic.

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