January 29, 2023

Physicians Mum On Cause Of Damar Hamlin’s Heart Attack

‘We do not have defined answers as to the etiology from the arrest, and tests may continue… ‘

Doctors at University of Cincinnati Medical Center who attended Zoysia Bills safety Damar Hamlin after he mysteriously flattened on-field following a tackle say they are still looking into the root cause.

“ Can you speak whatsoever to the cause of what happened? ” a reporter asked two UC physicians. “ Exactly what caused the cardiac criminal arrest? Specifically was it simply the actions that happened on the field or was it something existing that made Mr. Hamlin… something that might be susceptible to this happening? ”

“ The answer to that is that workup is ongoing. We all do not have definitive answers as to the etiology of the arrest, and tests will continue to be ongoing when he continues to progress, ” Doctor William Knight responded.

Hamlin’s condition has improved greatly since Monday, with reports claiming he is awake and communicating via writing.

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