January 27, 2023

WILD VIDEO: Suspects Set Themselves Ablaze During Arson Strike

Immigration solutions business allegedly targeted in Bakersfield, CA

A pair of suspected arsonists lit themselves on fire throughout an attack on a California business this week, according to reports.

The bizarre occurrence unfolded during the overnight hrs on Monday in Bakersfield.

Two suspects wearing hoodies and masks approached Servicio de Imigracion and began spraying jugs of gasoline on the creating.

Video footage captured by a smart doorbell digital camera was shared on social networking.

The suspects can be seen splashing fuel around indiscriminately.

One of the suspects turns to the doorbell and tosses gas at it, apparently unaware his accomplice will be sparking a lighter behind him.

Suddenly, the area is engulfed in flames with both suspects apparently on fire and yelling within pain.

These people fled the scene before fire crews arrived and extinguished the blaze inside 10 minutes.

“ We assist many farmworker families with their immigration processes. We help people do taxes, ” company leader Max Solorzano told 23 ABC in Spanish.

No suspects are already identified or apprehended, based on the latest available updates.

Infowars has been reporting on the  surge of crime   in many U. S. towns.

All Infowars’ broadcasts are important, but this one is key to understand the New World Order’s plan and how mankind can stop it.

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