January 28, 2023

Edge Patrol Agent Shot Simply by Suspected Smuggler Just Days Before Biden Set to Go to Border

Agent shot multiple times in upper body miraculously saved by bulletproof vest.

The harmful situation at the southern edge was magnified this week each time a US Border Patrol realtor was shot by a believe just days before Joe Biden’s long-awaited visit.

The agent had pulled over a vehicle once the suspects repeatedly shot him in the chest, The Daily Caller News Foundation reported Thursday according to National Edge Patrol Council President Brandon Judd.

The agent’s life was miraculously spared by a bulletproof vest.

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“ Border Patrol brokers made a vehicle stop. During the vehicle stop a believe shot a Border Patrol agent in the chest and am believe also in the supply, ” Judd said, adding that the bullet didn’t sink into the agent’s protective vest.

“ The vehicle then fled and a pursuit took place where it’s my understanding that the car then crashed and folded with the suspect fleeing, ” Judd continued.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed the incident occurred within a subsequent statement to the DCNF, where the agency said the particular agent had been shot “ multiple” times in the upper body.

“ The agent was able to return fire as the suspect’s vehicle sped away. Eventually, the fleeing vehicle has been involved in a rolled over accident a few miles in the future and agents took 6 persons into custody. Two occupants required additional medical assistance and were flown to a trauma center in Este Paso, Texas, ” CBP said.

The agent who had been shot was medically evaluated and released. The FBI, the Office of Professional Obligation and the New Mexico State Police are conducting probes into the incident, according to CBP.

Agents later apprehended the suspect, who Judd mentioned may have been a smuggler.

Reviews on the violent incident come just four days just before Biden is set to visit Este Paso, Texas, an area that’s been inundated by an increase of illegal immigrants in the last few months, before going on to Mexico Monday.

Biden provided an overview of his visit during a press conference Thursday, where he suffered a mature moment when discussing the particular Title 8 immigration behave that allows border agents in order to expel illegals.

Biden tried to explain why he doesn’t like Title 42, the pandemic-era Covid limitation imposed by President Donald Trump and recently upheld by the US Supreme Courtroom that allows illegals from Mexico and other countries to rapidly be deported.

Biden’s visit is also hampered by his verbal threats against Edge Patrol agents in Sept. 2021, when he condemned agents on horseback with regard to supposedly whipping illegal migrants from Haiti.

“ To see people treated like they did, race horses barely running over, people being strapped — it’s actual outrageous, ” Biden said at the time . “ I promise you, those people will pay. There will be an investigation underway now, and there will be consequences. There will be consequences. ”

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An investigation later found the agents had not whipped the particular migrants, as it was mistakenly reported, however federal investigators still chastised the agency for use of force and inappropriate language.

It remains to be seen whether Biden will address the event, how badly he will gaslight Americans, and indeed whether his visit leads to anything productive in the way of border security in any way.

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