February 5, 2023

Flashback: Covid Cult Member Forces & Threatens To Spice up Spray Costco Employees For Not Wearing Masks

‘Get away, you will absolutely threatening my life. Stay away, that you simply unmasked, ‘ the frightened man said.

Footage of an incident that took place last April is going viral online, showing a disguised man waving around a can of pepper spray in the Costco store and threatening to use it against employees who did not have masks on.

In the video, a disguised man can be seen holding spice up spray and pointing this at an employee before shoving the worker and stating, “ Get away. You’re intimidating my life! ”

When another Costco worker tried talking to the man, this individual continued freaking out and said, “ You stay away too. You are unmasked. Now i am defending myself, ” in addition to calling the worker “ an asshole. ”

The upset liberal ended up leaving your local store in frustration following the rupture.

Back in 04, actor James Woods commented on the incident, writing, “ Demented ‘ masker’ fan threatens, then assaults, operating staff in a public retail space. In some places he would end up being lucky to be still standing on his feet. ”

This particular video shows what extreme mainstream media brainwashing can perform to a person who falls for the establishment’s false narratives.

The millions of people propagandized into joining the Covid cult are suffering from Mass Development Psychosis, a term popularized during Dr . Robert Malone’s interview with podcast web host Joe Rogan.

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