January 27, 2023

Pope Benedict Warned Against ‘Western Self-Hatred’ and Depopulation

“Europe seems hollow, like it were internally paralysed. “

Pope Benedict XVI warned in a 2006 book the fact that “ Western self-hatred” came into existence “ pathological”, and that the diminish of marriage, the family, in addition to depopulation could be the death knell for European identity.

Pope Benedict, who was able to be  laid to rest   by his successor, Père Francis, on Thursday right after becoming the first pontiff inside 600 years to step down his office instead of dying in post in 2013, was regarded as a conservative — or at least a  liberal turned conservative   — by many, and made a number of statements against whistling his concerns over North western civilisation’s direction of traveling.

Some primary examples of this can be found in  Without Roots: The West, Relativism, Christianity, Islam , an e book based on correspondence between Benedict when he was still Cardinal Frederick Ratzinger and Marcello Pera, then President of the Italian Senate, published early in the pontificate.

Inside it, Benedict noted that through contemporary Europe, anyone who dishonoured Judaism or Islam may “ pay a fine” — but that “ when it comes to Jesus Christ and that which can be sacred to Christians, preferably, freedom of speech will become the supreme good. ”

“ The case illustrates a peculiar North west self-hatred that is nothing in short supply of pathological, ” Benedict asserted, suggesting that the West got “ lost all capacity for self-love” even as it was “ trying to be more open” to help foreign cultures. ”

“ All that that sees in its history could be the despicable and the destructive; it is actually no longer able to perceive what is great and pure, ” he said — a powerful assessment that seems specially relevant today, with Crucial Race Theory (CRT) along with ascendant woke-left ideologies trying to eradicate much of the West’s  built heritage   and  the history   it represents.

“ Europe appears hollow, as if it was internally paralysed, ” he / she said, suggesting that it was “ infected by a strange absence of desire for the future. ”

“ Children, some of our future, are perceived as a good threat to the present… as  a liability   rather than a source of pray, ” he said.

Benedict further quarreled that multiculturalism — “ which is so constantly and additionally passionately promoted” — would probably prove unviable “ without the sense of direction made available from our own values. ”

“ Unless many of us embrace our own heritage of a sacred, we will not only refute the identity of The eu, we will also fail on providing a service to others to which they are entitled, ” he / she explained, adding: “ Multiculturalism itself thus demands in which return once again to personally. ”

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