February 1, 2023

SHOCK VIDEO: Rideshare Driver Battles Off Carjackers With Weapon to His Head

Houston police looking for masked suspects in frightening armed robbery caught on camera

A rideshare driver made it a recent armed robbery in Texas after a gun was pressed to his mind, according to authorities.

The terrifying occurrence unfolded in Houston from around 11 a. m. on October 18, yet police just released video footage of the crime in hopes of obtaining more information.

A driver responded to a request for pickup at a cafe in the city.

Two males in hooded sweatshirts entered his vehicle, among whom was wearing a medical mask.

The customer then changed the drop-off location to an apartment complicated once the ride had begun, the victim told law enforcement.

If they arrived at the drop spot, the masked suspect drawn a handgun and pressed it against the driver’s head while demanding he quit the vehicle, dashcam footage appears to show.

“ Get out before I need to, ” the armed believe warned repeatedly.

The driver can be heard telling the suspects he had no money.

“ Among the males exited the rear traveler door, opened the driver’s side door, and attemptedto take the complainants cell phone. Throughout the struggle, the complainant could cause the suspect that [was] trying to get their cell phone to fall onto the ground, just outside of the open up driver’s side door, ” Houston Police explained in a statement .

“ Since the suspect fell to the surface, the complainant accelerated their vehicle while the second believe pointed the gun from his head and informed him to stop the vehicle. The complainant refused to stop, therefore the suspect jumped out of the relocating vehicle. ”

The victim managed to drive to a safe location and call police.

No suspects have been imprisoned, according to the latest available revise.

Both potential foods are described as skinny black males around 20 years old.

Anyone with helpful tips is asked to contact Houston Crime Stoppers .

Infowars has been reporting on the  surge of criminal offense   in many U. S. cities.

All Infowars’ broadcasts are very important, but this one is key to learn the New Planet Order’s agenda and how humanity can stop it.

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