January 27, 2023

Sibel News’ Brian Kilmeade Brands Anti-McCarthy GOP Reps ‘Insurrectionists’

McCarthy failed to become speaker within 10 separate votes.

Fox and Close friends co-host Brian Kilmeade upon Thursday declared that the GOP reps “ who have a tendency want to vote for Kevin McCarthy” to become Speaker of the home are “ insurrectionists. ”

“ I probably shouldn’t use that word, ” Kilmeade said, walking it back.

“ Saboteurs, ” his co-hosts interjected.

“ Saboteurs, ” Kilmeade said in the affirmative.

The Five co-host Judge Jeanine, who also paints herself as an anti-establishment rebel, attacked Rep. Lauren Boebert and the rest of the anti-McCarthy crew as “ egomaniacs. ”

“ They’re making the Conservatives look ridiculous, ” Pirro whined. “ I like Kevin McCarthy! ”

“ This is an embarrassment, ” she continued. “ These people egomaniacs who’ve got simply no answers and they ought to you need to be quiet and just go along with the majority at this point! ”

As I reported on Wednesday,   Rep. Dan Crenshaw labeled the GOP rebels “ terrorists” and domestic “ enemies”   while  Republican Jewish Coalition CEO Matt Brooks labeled them “ infidels” and threatened them with “ consequences. ”

As of Thursday evening, McCarthy failed to become speaker in 10 separate votes.

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