February 1, 2023

Top Memes: McCarthy’s Failed Bid for Speaker Fuels Web Mockery

Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s numerous failed bids to obtain the House Speakership has culminated in a trove of amusing memes.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif. ) repetitive failures to secure enough ballots from his own party to win the House Speakership has finished in a trove of amusing memes, with internet users from both sides of the political divide mocking him mercilessly as he refuses to read the creating on the wall and bow out gracefully.

The vote designed for House Speaker is currently on its 9th ballot as of this writing, with McCarthy showing simply no indication he plans to drop his bid. Meanwhile, the House Freedom Caucus is keeping firm they want anyone but McCarthy, unless he concedes to their demands – meaning there will be more memes to come.

Here are some of the very most hilarious memes brutally savaging McCarthy:

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