January 28, 2023

6-Year-Old Shoots Teacher At Va Elementary School

Society is crumbling prior to our eyes…

United states society continues to plumb new depths, as a six-year-old child shot and seriously injured an elementary school teacher in Virginia on Friday.  

The shooting occurred in a first-grade classroom at Richneck Elementary School in  Newport News .   Police say the shooting took place during an altercation and was not a car accident.   They have not yet determined how the child gained access to a gun. Details about the firearm are already withheld.  

The wounded teacher — a woman in her 30s whose title wasn’t released — experienced life-threatening injuries.   In critical condition from what Fox3 said was an  abdominal gunshot , she was  said   to get seen “ some improvement” by late afternoon. Simply no students were injured.  

“ I am in awe, I’m within shock and I’m worried, ”   mentioned   Dr . George Parker, Newport News college superintendent. “ Today, our students got a lesson in gun assault , and what guns can do to disrupt not only an educational environment but children, a community. ”

The 6-year-old was promptly taken into custody.   In their posted statement, Newport News Police did not disclose the gender of the child   — perhaps because, following public education trends, authorities did not want to make any rash assumptions. However , subsequent  reports   indicate  it was a boy  whose gunfire ensued right after he started arguing with the teacher.    

The police chief evidenced concern about the shooter.   “ We have been in contact with our own commonwealth’s attorney (local prosecutor) and some other entities to help us best get providers to this young man, ”   said   Newport News Law enforcement Chief Steve Drew.

Virginia legislation has no provision by which a 6-year-old can be tried being an adult .   Nor   can he even be devoted to the custody of the Section of Juvenile Justice, when convicted.  

A parent, Trannisha Brown, told  The New York Times   about the frightening call she received from the girl son, a student at the school.   “ It shook me up hearing those kids crying and going frantic.   All they knew is that there was a shooter within the school and they didn’t know where the shooter was.  

The child evidently didn’t target anyone else.   “ We did not have a situation where somebody was going around the school capturing, ”   mentioned Drew.   The school has been put on  lockdown   from around 2pm until 3: thirty.  

Superintendent Parker struck notes of helplessness in the face of armed first-graders: “ I cannot control access to weapons.   The teachers cannot control access to weapons. ”   Classes at the school on Monday have been  cancelled .  

“ It’s a dark day just for Newport News, ”   said   Newport News Mayor  Phillip Jones , a Marine veteran that — at 33 — just took office as the youngest-elected mayor in the city’s history. “ We’re going to learn from this and we’re going to return stronger. ”

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