February 1, 2023

THAT Declares Anti-Vaxxers Are TERRORISTS — Governments Want You To REPORT ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ To Police

Report from the World Health Organization states anti-vaccine activists are more lethal than terrorism, nuclear expansion or gun violence.

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent survey by the World Health Corporation where Dr . Peter Hotez claims anti-vaccine activists are more deadly than terrorism, nuclear proliferation or gun assault.

Of course , Dr . Hotez is mind numbingly stupid, but this is an incredibly interesting statement considering the fact that “ conspiracy theorists” have been so vindicated in every regard with regards to the vaccines.

The vast majority of people dying today are the vaccinated and the media has even begged for forgiveness to some degree for promoting mandates against the unvaccinated.

In addition, Dr . Hotez has recently been sick with so-called “ Covid” after getting his death shot. It’s an amazing representation of a cult this rhetoric continues.

Meanwhile, police within Queensland, Australia have known as on people to report their neighbors or family members in order to police if they show indications of being anti-government, anti-vaccine or perhaps a conspiracy theorist.

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