January 28, 2023

USA Today Warns: Kids At Risk of Heart Attacks Like Damar Hamlin

The particular bad news for kids comes as Covid jabs for youngsters were given the green light from the FDA and CDC last month.

In the wake of NFL player Damar Hamlin’s mysterious on-field fall, USA Nowadays bizarrely had taken the opportunity to let parents understand heart attacks also occur to kids.

Inside a Thursday article titled, “ Cardiac arrest can happen to children. What parents of kids in sports should know , ” USA Today reported:

Damar Hamlin’s  collapse during Monday evening of football game   was a sobering reminder in order to parents of children participating in sports: This could happen to anyone.

It’s  still unclear what precisely caused   the particular Buffalo Bills player’s center condition.

Every year, sudden cardiac arrest  statements the lives of over 2, 000 children   and teens in the U. S., according to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. This particular accounts for about 3% to 5% of all deaths in children aged 5 in order to 19.

“ Everyone’s at some potential risk, ” mentioned Dr . Gul H. Dadlani, division chief of cardiology at Nemours Children’s Health in Orlando, Florida. “ The same thing could happen to a senior high school student or the non-athlete whoms just at home. ”

The bad information for kids comes as Covid jabs for youngsters were given the green light by the FDA plus CDC last month.

Before it was accepted for children, “ Pfizer added a secret heart attack drug  to the children’s version of its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, ” according to The Show .

“ When the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has been granted an EUA from your FDA, its  components list   had been published online along with other security data. The list included the particular now excluded ingredients sodium chloride and potassium chloride and includes the additional ingredient Tromethamine. ”

Tromethamine (Tris)   is really a blood acid reducer which is often used to stabilize people with center attacks.  

The USA Today piece also provides a host of studies over the past couple of years have claimed everyday actions, including skipping breakfast , gardening , climate change , sarcasm , pandemic stress and video games , can lead to heart attacks.

Is the mainstream media conditioning the public for what could be a slew of pediatric cardiac arrests resulting from the CDC’s wild Covid jab regimen designed for youngsters ? Or are usually heart attacks in children really as common as they’re making them out to be?

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