January 27, 2023

‘We Like Where We Are’: Biden Economic Adviser Gaslights on Economy, Dismisses Recession Fears

Comes as majority of banks and economists predict ‘inevitable’ economic downturn in 2023.

White House Council of Economic Advisers member Jared Bernstein dismissed concerns of a looming recession in 2023, claiming the numbers “ are wholly inconsistent with a recessionary get in touch with near-time. ”

Fox News host Martha MacCallum pointed out on Friday’s “ The Story” that notable economists and financial institutions are predicting a good “ inevitable” recession on the horizon.

“ A person said back at the end of Dec that recession’s not unavoidable. And yet, we hear through Alan Greenspan and from J. L. Morgan they think it is inevitable in 2023. Have you changed your mind? ” she asked Bernstein.

“ No . I like where I am on that over/under better than where they are, ” Bernstein replied. “ Wish today talking about an unemployment rate of 3. 5%. That’s close to a 50-year low. We’re looking at job gains in December-to-December, the president’s second year within office, 4. 5 million. That’s the second-highest year upon record of job benefits. ”

“[T]he numbers that I’m giving you, Martha, are wholly inconsistent with a recessionary call in near-time, ” he or she continued. “ And then if you think about our 2023 plan, implementing the bipartisan infrastructure law, the Inflation Decrease Act, that’s more expense in America and working households to come. ”

“ So , we such as where we are, we such as the momentum, ” he additional, claiming that although the economy is slowing, the Biden administration expects “ stable, stable growth” in 2023.

The low joblessness rate and nominal “ job gains” don’t replace with the fact that food and energy costs have skyrocketed due to Joe Biden’s war on household energy and sanctions towards Russia, along with the backdrop associated with inflation at a 40-year higher.

In response to the particular historic inflation, the Federal government Reserve raised interest rates through nearly zero in March to 4. 5% by year’s end, with plans to continue its increase in order to 5. 5 percent in 2023.

The majority of financial institutions and economists believe this spike in interest rates will spark the wave of mass layoffs.

And almost two-thirds of Americans believe the economy is headed in the incorrect direction , according to the poll from the  Wall Street Journal .

Additionally , 80% of Americans expect 2023 to be one more year of economic difficulty, citing higher taxes and an increased budget deficit, according a Gallup poll using this week.

So it seems most of the American individuals don’t “ like exactly where we are” financially.

But these inconvenient details won’t stop the Biden administration from gaslighting the public about the economy.

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