January 28, 2023

Bombshell: COVID-19(84) Booster Causing Malignancy Relapse and ‘Sudden Death’

London Professor of Oncology Angus Dalgleish has required an urgent stop in order to Covid-19 boosters, claiming he is seeing “cancer rapidly relapse” as a result of the jab.

London Professor of Oncology Angus Dalgleish has called for an urgent end to Covid-19 boosters stating, “ As an Oncologist We are seeing people with stable malignancy rapidly relapse after a C19 booster, ” at St Georges Hospital Medical College London.

Meanwhile the entire world Health Organization is now recommending that “ anti-vaccine activism” is deadlier than global terrorism!

Within this video Dan Dicks associated with Press For Truth stops working the latest Covid-19(84) propaganda originating from global health officials while also revealing the truth that the particular Covid-19 vaccines are causing great harm, the effects of which usually more and more people are dealing with every single day.

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