February 4, 2023

Cringe: Jimmy Fallon Mocked Just for Singing About COVID Versions To Keep Scamdemic Fears Upward

Establishment’s use of pop culture brainwashing to instill fear of outbreak is no longer working.

NBC’s late night sponsor Jimmy Fallon made a fool of himself upon Thursday while singing the song about the newest COVID variant sweeping across America.

The Tonight Show host motivated mask-wearing while singing about XBB. 1 . 5, the latest strain of COVID the particular establishment wants you to be scared of.

“ There was Alpha, then Delta, then Omicron next, yet this latest variant might be the best. It’s XBB. 1 ) 5, another brand of Covid-19 has arrived. It’s a new stress, but it isn’t the same. Sounds more like Elon Musk’s children’s name. It’s XBB. one 5, not UB40, who also sings ‘ Red, Dark wine, ‘” he sang.

“ Put on your face mask when you’re inside a facility. It may be a robot from a “ Star Wars” trilogy. Really XBB. 1 . 5, not OMG or MP3 or even [inaudible] or even an eye chart made by a really high guy. Sounds like the particular password of your parent’s wi fi. It’s XBB. 1 . 5. XBB. 1 . 5, ” Fallon continues.

Rather than drawing praise, Fallon’s bit elicited disgust and mockery on social media.

A single user suggested Fallon’s cringeworthy stunt is part of the reason why Fox News’ show “ Gutfeld! ” is topping the late-night ratings.

Perhaps this is why NBC regrets paying Fallon a 5-year $80 million agreement extension.

“ A source said NBC misgivings the funnyman’s pricey long lasting deal and added, ‘ The network knows the times are gone when tens of millions of people would tune in for  The Tonight Show   — but they were counting on Jimmy to do much better than this! ‘” Radar Online reported.

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