February 4, 2023

Disturbing Lockdown Drawings Show Impact on Children’s Mental Health

Another worrying yet unsurprising result of the lockdown experiment.

Researchers at Staffordshire University or college asked children to capture their thoughts and feelings about the lockdown in drawings, and the answers are heartbreaking.   MailOnline   has got the story .

An Associate Teacher of Psychology has uncovered disturbing children’s drawings through Covid lockdowns which display themes of death, reduction, loneliness and restriction.  

In a research by Dr . Richard Jolley and co-researchers Dr . Dorothy Rose, Dr . Romina Vivaldi and Dr . Claire Barlow, of Staffordshire University, 68 children between four plus 14 were asked in order to reflect on their Covid encounter and draw how it had been making them think and really feel.      

One child drew a distressed figure using four limbs strapped down to what looks like a medical center bed and wrote “ constricted”.  

Another drew the personified Covid cell alongside an upset image of themselves and captioned it: “ I think Covid is content and he has stol my smile” [sic].

27 from the 68 children showed the particular theme of prohibited behaviour in their art while 35 drew a person on their own.
Meanwhile, some other common themes included furniture and buildings while seven children presented death and loss in their work.  

An additional worrying yet unsurprising result of the lockdown experiment.

Worth  reading in full .

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