January 28, 2023

Fauci responds to alleged forthcoming “Fauci Files, ” states “disinformation” is the “enemy”

Twitter has hinted from Fauci-related censorship demands.

Although Dr . Anthony Fauci retired from his authorities post last month, they are still talking. On Weekend,   Twitter   CEO  Elon Musk   messaged that he would release “ Fauci Files, ” which could shed light on any communication involving the company and the former best government expert on infectious diseases or the department which he ran.

In an interview on  CBS News’ “ The Takeout, ”   Fauci said: “ I have no idea what [Musk]’s talking about. I mean, there’s a lot of misinformation, conspiracy ideas, and disinformation going on. I possess nothing to say to him. I don’t understand what he is doing. It’s just regrettable. ”

Final month, Musk also criticized Fauci, tweeting, “ The pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci. ”

Home Republicans, who are set to control the leadership of committees, have indicated that they will call Fauci to testify in order to investigate the Biden administration’s handling of the pandemic plus online censorship demands.

“ I would willingly do that without any problem, ” Fauci said. “ But I have nothing to hide. I really could defend everything I’ve completed. ”

“ Disinformation is the enemy great public health practices, ” Fauci said during the job interview.

Dr . Fauci was asked about the discussion that took place online after Damar Hamlin (the safety for the Buffalo Bills from the National Football League exactly who, during a Monday Night Soccer game on January two, 2023, suffered cardiac arrest) and the mentions Twitter that it could have been related to the Covid vaccine.

“ It’s hard that false information and disinformation, when you have a platform like social media that will exponentially spreads; in its greatest form proper and important and value-added information can spread which is good, ” Dr . Fauci responded. “ The thing as a public health person and as a physician and also a scientist and my identity as a physician is the issue that gets pained probably the most by that because what that means is that yet again one more conspiracy theory – full nonsense – is going to possess some people make a decision for on their own and their family not to get vaccinated which may price them their lives, therefore that’s the thing that’s so horrible about it and if you would like to go out spouting nonsense conspiracy theories and spreading everything around – fine – except if it results in a person suffering and perhaps dying, and that’s what happens when disinformation disincentivizes people to get proper surgery for a threat like a outbreak. ”

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