February 4, 2023

RINO Crenshaw Apologizes For Contacting GOP Colleagues ‘Terrorists’

“To the particular extent that I have co-workers that were offended by it, I actually sincerely apologize to them, inch says Texas congressman.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) apologized for referring to ‘ America First’ colleagues in the home as “ terrorists” throughout the contentious voting process regarding Speaker of the House.

The Texas congressman joined CNN’s “ State of the Union” to offer phrases of contrition to his Republican colleagues following the “ heated” election for Speaker.

“ Seem, things get heated and things get said.   Obviously, to people who required offense by that, it’s actual pretty obvious that it’s intended as a turn of phrase, ” Crenshaw told sponsor Jake Tapper on Weekend.

Tapper said, “ A metaphor. ”

Crenshaw responded, “ It’s in the framework of intransigent negotiations. ”

“ We have got thick skin. I am called awful, vile factors by the very same wing of the party that I was fighting at that moment. So I was a small taken aback by the sensitivity of it, ” he said.

“ Yet to the extent that I have colleagues that were offended because of it, I sincerely apologize for them. I don’t want these to think I actually believe these types of terrorists. It’s certainly the turn of phrase that you simply use in an intransigent negotiation, ” he added.

Crenshaw was heavily lambasted across conservative mass media for his remarks, which includes by Fox News web host Tucker Carlson, who upon Wednesday claimed Crenshaw “ did was neocons usually do” when they don’t get their way.

“ Over the past few years, pretty much every section of the war on terror has been turned against the domestic political enemies of the neocons, ” Carlson said. “ Therefore now they’re just coming out and telling you what they told you about Iraq, either you’re with us or you’re against us, you’re on the side of light or darkness, that you simply good or evil. ”

Crenshaw lashed out at Carlson’s criticism, telling him to “ unclutch his pearls. ”

But users on Twitter noted Crenshaw hasn’t used that type of language against his far more radical Democrat opponents.

To their credit, at least Crenshaw apologized at all. Neocons aren’t known for owning up to their mistakes.

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