January 27, 2023

Shock Video: Busloads of Military-Age Male Migrants Invade Ireland

Protests have erupted in Dublin following administration of Ireland’s amnesty system to allow thousands of migrants for you to flood the country permanently.

The United Nations’ globalization program to overflow the developed world with third world migrants in the name of “ diversity” has reached the shores of Ireland.

Shocking movie taken from Dublin show hordes of well-equipped and healthful military-aged male illegal migrant workers departing buses onto the particular streets.

This comes per month after the government of Ireland announced an amnesty scheme to allow thousands of illegal migrants to stay in the country permanently.

From Breitbart:

Candidates for the scheme will supposedly be required to meet certain requirements regarding “ good personality and criminal record/behaviour” — but the government announcement admits that “ having convictions for minor offences is not going to, of itself, result in disqualification”.

Those who are currently subject to deportation orders will also be eligible to stay in the country under the scheme, which will operate for six months, providing they meet the stated prerequisites.

While the government has place the number of illegal immigrants in the land at around 17, 1000, Migrants Rights Centre Ireland, a state-funded NGO, also has previously estimated the total in order to be  much greater , already at somewhere between 28, 000 and 26, 500 as long ago as 2015.

Unsurprisingly, the government’s piece of land to flood the country with migrants has resulted in standard protests in the country.

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