January 28, 2023

Smashing: Bolsonaro Supporters Storm President Palace, Congress In Defiance of Lula Takeover

Comes amid weeks of mass protests in the country over dubious election outcome that saw criminal Lula installed back to power.

Supporters of ousted Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro encircled the Planalto Palace upon Sunday in protest associated with socialist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva retaking energy.

Footage shows Bolsonaro supporters breaking into and vandalizing parts of the Planalto Palace, the official workplace from the country’s president.

The Vice President and Chief of Staff work within the Planalto.

Lula reportedly wasn’t “ upon site” during the protest.

Bolsonaro supporters have got reportedly broken through police barriers and stormed the particular National Congress in Brasilia.

Police are reacting with tear gas.

This arrives amid weeks of mass protests in Brazil in response to the country’s presidential selection outcome many have criticized as rigged.

Bolsonaro flew to the U. S. during Lula’s inauguration ceremony after delivering a good address to his supporters that he “ lost the battle but not the battle. ”

Lula held his first cabinet meeting on Friday given that being sworn in a week ago, vowing to “ rebuild” Brazil following the three-year guideline of his “ authoritarian” predecessor Bolsonaro.

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