February 1, 2023

‘Unfit for Office’: Netizens Kobold Biden Over Reports of 2024 Campaign Launch

“He doesn’t understand what year it is, doesn’t understand who the president will be and can’t speak. Ideal candidate for the left, inch says one user.

Speaking at a post-mid-term political election in November, Joe Biden made it clear that he intends to seek another presidential phrase, but that it was ultimately a “ family decision”, due to be announced “ earlier next year”.

Netizens have hit out at  US President Joe Biden   amid reports which he is “ readying the details around his 2024 re­ election campaign. ”

One  consumer wrote   that will “[the] ALL OF US does not need another devastating 4 years from Biden great crumbs, ” while  another netizen   argued that the 46th president “ is unfit with regard to office. ” According to all of them, ” he [Biden] needs [to be] removed. Do The united states a favor before it’s too late. ”

The message was echoed by a slew of customers who published sarcastic tweets in which they specifically pointed to Biden’s alleged health issues.

“ This individual doesn’t know what year it really is, doesn’t know who the president is and aint able to speak. Perfect candidate for that left, ”   one message   read.

Another  tweet claimed , “ He shouldn’t run. Let a younger person carry the torch”. One more netizen argued that “ Biden’s cognitive decline will be a major issue, ” while a separate information referred to “ the living dead with a pen will run again because his handlers love running plus ruining America! ”   in an apparent jerk   to POTUS.

The comments followed unnamed sources telling a US media store that Biden plan to mention his  intent to operate for a second White House term   within the coming weeks, most likely in February when he is because of deliver his State from the Union address. One supply insisted that “ a far more formal announcement is anticipated to come in April. ”

One insider was adamant that Biden is “ moving closer to the official reelection announcement after spending time together with his family in St . Croix over the holidays discussing their next steps for another bet. ”

The claims were preceded simply by POTUS telling reporters within November about a yet­ -to-be-­ announced “ family decision” related to his much-anticipated proceed to officially declare readiness to operate for a second term.

“ I think everyone wants me to run, but we’re going to have discussions about it, ” Biden said, adding your decision may see the light of the day “ early next year”.

The 46th chief executive has repeatedly been bashed by Republicans over  his numerous gaffes , which they said are a sign of poor health-­ related problems. GOP members argue that Biden, who is the earliest president in the history of the US, is not mentally fit to run the country.

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