February 1, 2023

‘After Hours’ RuPaul Drag Race Show Offers Free Tickets to Children Under Eight

“This raises serious concerns about safeguarding and the sexualisation of children. “

An “ right after hours” drag queen display based on the popular  RuPaul’s Drag Race  business will allow children aged 8 and under to attend for free alongside an adult ticket holder.

Kids aged eight and below were able to attend the “ after hours” drag california king shows held as part of a  RuPaul’s Drag Race   convention in britain this weekend for free, a written report has claimed.

According to a  report   by  The Telegraph , 2 “ after hours” pull queen shows held over the weekend as part of the convention were obtainable by children, with the publication even stating that free tickets were being offered to people eight and under attending the event so long as they were with a paying adult.

Such a claim appears to be backed by the RuPaul’s Drag Que incluye web page, with an  FAQ section   of the site saying that “[k]ids 8 plus under are free when accompanied by an adult with a ticket”.

“ Children will be let in throughout All Star hours if the adult has a All Celebrity ticket, ” the website points out. “ This ticket does not include entrance to any separate DragCon After Hours Parties, unless the adult has a seperate ticket for After Hours too [sic]. ”

Although the website also insists that the drag queen convention as a whole “ is an all-ages, family friendly event” where children are welcome, a few child protection campaigners have got criticised the handing out of totally free tickets to young children meant for “ after hours” occasions.

“ Pull shows are highly sexualised performances for adults only and so do not constitute suitable enjoyment for school-age children, ” one senior researcher from the Family Education Trust,   Piers Shepherd,   reportedly   remarked.

“ It really is shocking that children beneath the age of eight will be given free tickets to this overall performance, ” he continued.

“ This raises serious concerns about protecting and the sexualisation of children. ”

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