January 29, 2023

‘Impeach 46’: Pro-Trump Protesters Greet Biden As He Visits Edge

Protest showcased demonstrators carrying Trump flags and signs reading, “Trump 2024 I’ll Be Back, ” “Legal Immigrant Against Unlawful Immigration, ” and “Impeach 46. “

Joe Biden got a cold reception when he finally made his method to the southern border initially ever Sunday, being greeted by pro-Trump demonstrators whom carried anti-Biden protest indications.

The protests organized in part from the pro-Trump Boundary Security Coalition featured demonstrators carrying Trump flags and signs reading, “ Trump 2024 Soon we will be Back, ” “ Legal Immigrant Against Illegal Immigration, ” and “ Impeach 46. ”

At the same time, immigrants at the Mexican side of the border begged Biden to change laws and regulations so they could be deported to their home countries — not to Mexico!

The demonstrations come as the Biden admin’s open-border insurance policies have been fiercely criticized by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and other Republicans, accusing the administration of faltering to secure the southern edge as unlawful crossings reach an all-time high .

Meanwhile, Biden without a hint associated with irony toured sections of the El Paso border guaranteed by walls installed under President Donald Trump’s management – which Democrats at that time pushed back against.

They have evident Biden’s long-awaited boundary visit, lasting merely four hours , was a publicity stunt to appease critics, but can lead to nothing substantial.

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