February 4, 2023

Kroger Shoppers Reporting “A Large amount of Empty Shelves” Across Supermarket Chain Locations

The start of 2023 is viewing ‘a lot of empty shelves’ at Kroger, according to numerous reports, some containing video clip evidence of lingering supply chain problems.

Social media is  brimming with reports   of lacking food items at Kroger supermarket locations across the country.

A repeat of early 2020 when lavatory paper and other essentials happened to run bare, the start of 2023 is certainly seeing “ a lot of empty shelves” at Kroger, according to numerous reports, some that contains video evidence of lingering supply chain problems.

Not only are Kroger shelves missing many essentials, yet prices for things that continue to be in stock, most notably eggs, are skyrocketing to unprecedented levels. (Related: Remember whenever Kroger  punished unvaccinated employees   by removing their covid benefits and charging them higher insurance premiums? )

On the last day of 2022, a popular YouTube accounts called AdventuresWithDanno visited a nearby Kroger store to record any changes in supply and pricing. Many clear shelves with only a few leftover ua-high-priced items could be seen.

“ We have been at Kroger, and are noticing price increases on groceries, and a lot of empty shelves! ” the video’s caption says. “ We are here to look at skyrocketing prices and the clear shelves situation! It’s getting rough out here as stores seem to be struggling with obtaining products! ”

One particular area of the store along with very bare shelves was the pet products aisle, that was missing most of the store-brand products. The only things left had been a few overpriced items of lesser-sought-out brands.

“ If you find cat [litter], don’t worry about the price: bad some, ” the station host said. “ Wish seeing inconvenience stickers everywhere, and these are fresh. This must be becoming an issue once again. ”

Will certainly 2023 become the year associated with mass starvation?

The store’s dairy case was also in shambles with most of the egg products missing.

“ It’s exactly what we thought with all the current eggs, ” the sponsor said. “ People are starting to buy other eggs because the store brands – the least expensive ones you can get – are getting really expensive. ”

In the inflation section, Kroger appears to be jacking up primary prices on items only to mark them “ down” from there and pretend they are on sale – even though the end “ sale” price remains higher than the original.

A five-pound bag of mandarin oranges, for instance, has become on “ sale” meant for $6. 49 at Kroger. The original price, though, had been hiked up to $7. 99, making it not so much of a sale after all.

“ These price increases are simply insane! ” wrote among the video viewers in the talk section.

“ You have to wonder where really all going to end. ”

Many others frequented their local Kroger shops to confirm and found much the same thing: prices are rising and there are shortages of the lot of different things.

“ Just paid $5. 49 for a dozen Kroger large [eggs], ” one wrote, adding how the same egg section had been “ totally empty” just a couple days prior.

One person in Kentucky said the local Kroger store had been so empty that it looked like it was in the process of closing down. An official from the corporation reportedly confirmed that, regardless of how it appears, the store will stay in operation.

“ Most of dairy and meat section completely empty, ” the customer revealed. “ Shopped here for 30 yrs nearly and I have never seen it like this. ”

Another customer in Ohio sent a photo to Kroger of bare shelves on his store, asking on Twitter: “ where do all the food go @Kroger? ” The company acknowledged this particular tweet with the following response, along with a reassurance that the business office had reached out to that particular specific location’s management to address the issue:

“ Yikes! We’re sorry to find out your local Kroger shelves are usually empty! ”

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