January 28, 2023

Whitened House Lobbied Facebook to Censor Tucker Carlson Over Skepticism Towards COVID-19 Vaccine

Also demanded Google censor more information to fight “vaccine hesitancy. “

Internal communications attained by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry show how the White House lobbied Fb to censor Tucker Carlson and others for expressing skepticism about the COVID-19 vaccine.

White Home Director of Digital Strategy Rob Flaherty wrote an email to an unnamed Facebook worker on April 14, 2021 complaining about posts that were unfavorable towards the vaccine appearing conspicuously on Facebook.

“ Since we’ve been over the phone – the top post about vaccines today can be [T]ucker Carlson saying they don’t work. Recently it was Tomi Lehren [sic] saying the lady won’t take one, ” the email stated.

“ This is exactly why I want to know what ‘ Reduction’ actually looks like – if ‘ reduction’ means ‘ pumping our many vaccine hesitant audience along with [T]ucker Carlson saying it doesn’t work’ then… I’m not sure it’s reduction! ” Flaherty added.

This is clearly related to the Biden White House’s frustration that Facebook was not rigging its algorithm sufficient to ensure that such posts had been censored from being noticed by a large enough most of Facebook users.

The Facebook staffer responded to the email by assuring Flaherty that the company was “ running this down, ” meaning acquiescing to the censorship demand.

The communication was unearthed according to a lawsuit filed by Landry and Missouri’s AG Eric Schmitt seeking to determine whether the particular Biden administration coerced social media marketing networks to censor articles related to the 2020 usa president election and COVID-19.

The files once more prove that Big Technology censorship was carried out on the behest of the government, which means it was a direct violation from the First Amendment.

As part of discovery, other marketing communications also show Flaherty articulating his frustration with Facebook for not censoring on a wide enough scale.


“ Really couldn’t care less about products unless they’ve having measurable impact, ” Flaherty raged.

“ I still don’t have an excellent, empirical answer on how effective you’ve been at reducing the spread of vaccine-skeptical content and misinformation in order to vaccine fence sitters within the now-folded ‘ lockdown, ‘” he added.

The White House demanded “ assurances” that Facebook wasn’t going to dilute its censorship policies.

Flaherty also warned Search engines that such concerns were shared by “ the best (and I mean highest) amount WH [White House], ” and demanded that the firm, which owns YouTube, get a “ handle on vaccine hesitancy generally” and solve to work “ toward producing the problem better. ”


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