February 6, 2023

Gal Dies Suddenly During Flag Football Game

Girl dies before achieving hospital

A 16-year-old girl  died right after collapsing on the field  during a flag football game in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The girl started experiencing chest problems during the game and collapsed after making it to the sidelines, according in order to media reports.

“ She was given CPR by a nurse in the stands. A defibrillator was also used to regain a heartbeat, yet she died while heading to the hospital, ” Fox News documented , adding that the female had been suffering from a heart problem.

The Clark simon Co. Coroner’s office offers yet to release a cause associated with death.

The girl’s passing draws evaluations to other “ sudden deaths” and medical episodes reported by the press throughout the country over the past couple of weeks.

“ With young and healthy people seeming to become dying and suffering healthcare issues more than ever before, most are questioning the role the experimental Covid jabs are usually playing, ” wrote Kelen McBreen.

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