February 4, 2023

Pfizer Board Member Scott Gottlieb Was A Major Influence On Lockdowns, Twitter Files Reveal

Former government official today working as a board member for one of the companies decided to produce and distribute vaccines was hugely influential within crafting a policy for the Trump administration that set The united states on the course to economic downturn and a public health problems.

The  latest   of the Tweets Files is reported simply by Alex Berenson, who was given access to messaging systems from your times before Elon Musk took over. His first round of reporting concerns the role of Scott Gottlieb, who is a perfect example of an influencer who is technically outside of government but might as well be a powerful official within this.  

Gottlieb’s main gig now could be as a  older fellow   from the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC, but he or she also serves as a panel member of Pfizer. Before signing up for AEI and Pfizer, this individual headed the Food and Medication Administration under Trump from 2017 to 2019. Prior to that, he was in Health and Human Services as a part of its Federal Health IT Policy Committee from 2013 to 2017.  

You probably know him from TV because he has become a ubiquitous presence since the start of the pandemic lockdowns, defending the government’s actions and pressing the vaccines from the organization whose board he serves.  

In August 2021, he had written Twitter to complain about  a tweet   from his successor at the FDA, Brett Giroir. Giroir wrote to record the results of a study within Israel that clearly demonstrated what most anyone might have known even without the study: natural immunity is superior to vaccinated immunity.  

Gottlieb complained that this tweet is “ corrosive” and might “ proceed viral. ” Twitter served by slapping a “ misleading” tag on the twitter update, one that still remains to this day.  

This is actually the email.  

At this point, one might observe that Gottlieb is merely a private person which it was certainly his directly to object to anyone’s opinions. Maybe that’s true, other than that he served Pfizer during the time and his company enjoyed great in subsidies to make the product which not only obtained a patent but tips from product-liability protection which is conventional with such vaccines. In addition , the product was just distributed thanks to an Emergency Make use of Authorization that bypassed the typical federal standards.  

That aside, he previously been massively influential upon lockdown policies from the very beginning, urging the Trump administration to be as extreme as possible in its attack on civil liberties and freedoms.  

We know this particular because  Jared Kushner’s book   reports every detail. He led the effort to present the guidelines for lockdowns that occurred on 03 16, 2022, and he achieved it with the help of two tech professionals he tapped to hang around the White House. Kushner reports:

Even as we dealt with the shortage associated with cotton swabs and other supplies, we faced another issue: the need to develop public wellness guidelines. Given that people across the nation were confused and concerned, Birx and Fauci have been discussing the need for a single set of federal standards to help Americans understand what they should do to keep themselves safe and slow the spread of the virus. They insisted these guidelines would help prevent private hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. Regardless of all the talk over the past 7 days, no one had taken steps to produce a document. When Nat Turner flagged the issue , I asked him in order to coordinate with Derek Lyons to produce a draft and urged him to call Doctor Scott Gottlieb, the former mind of the FDA and a well-known public health expert . I had been trying to persuade Gottlieb to come back into government for a short-term stint to help us better organize our response and support our hard work to develop a vaccine.  

When we known as Gottlieb, he was thankful that we were preparing guidelines.   “ They ought to go a little bit further than you happen to be comfortable with, ” he said. “ When you feel like you are doing more than you should, that is a sign that you are doing them right. ”

So here we have a former government official now working as a board member for one of the companies decided to produce and distribute vaccines who was directly involved and hugely influential in crafting a policy for the Trump administration that ended up not only dooming the Trump presidency but setting the entire country on the course to recession plus a public health crisis. Nevertheless Pfizer benefited, obviously.  

Sure enough, he got his way as well as the Trump administration issued the draconian guidance: “ pubs, restaurants, food courts, gyms, along with other indoor and outdoor venues where groups of people gather should be closed. ”

And why contact out Gottlieb alone whenever many thousands of serious researchers and medical professionals would have highly advised against locking straight down?

This is why what Berenson reports here is so significant. Gottlieb was anxious not only to lock down the entire country but also in order to censor any report on which used to be common-sense observations regarding natural immunity, even when it comes from credentialed experts and cites peer-reviewed studies.  

After his lockdown advocacy, and prior to his intervention to pull straight down a tweet celebrating organic immunity, but only after the vaccine came to market, he or she took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to say that the CDC had gone too far, especially with its enforcement of social removing: “ The reliance on a flu model caused public-health authorities to underestimate and overestimate Covid in essential ways. ”

The person and role associated with Gottlieb is a paradigmatic situation of why and how unraveling the mysteries of the lockdowns and vaccine mandates is such a complicated undertaking. It’s not nearly government intervention and it’s not only about private corruption. It can about a complicated relationship involving the two, involving a range of open public and private actors in and out of government who seized control of the policy machinery to achieve private ends with enormous public expense.  

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