January 28, 2023

Splitting! Rep. Matt Gaetz States GOP To Release 14, 1000 Hours Of Hidden Jan. 6 Tapes

Video footage ‘would give more full context to that day rather than the cherrypicked moments the The month of january 6th Committee tried to use’ says Florida congressman

During an appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show Wednesday, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) dropped a bombshell revelation about January 6th.

Kirk requested if the GOP will help Us citizens get answers about what actually happened at the Jan. 6th Capitol debacle.

Gaetz answered, “ Kevin McCarthy told us he will get the evidence out to the American people, and that indicates releasing the 14, 500 hours of tapes which have been hidden that I think gives more full context to that particular day rather than the cherrypicked occasions the January 6th Panel tried to use to inflame and additional divide our country. ”

“ So yes, I do believe that part of this deal is a concession that we are going to get the truth away in front of the American people, ” Gaetz added.

By simply releasing the footage to the public, citizens can soon gain a better understanding of what happened on that day.

Perhaps we are able to get answers about individuals like suspected provocateur Ray Epps and other instigators who may have not been targeted regarding prosecution by the feds such as many peaceful patriots are.

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