February 6, 2023

Weapon Rights Victory: Bump Share Ban Defeated in Biggest 2nd Amendment Case In 20 Years

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Michael Cargill  of Come And Talk It became a member of Alex Jones in-studio to explain his recent victory within defeating the bump stock ban in the 5th routine court:

“[The feds] are trying to get almost everything … the ATF, analysis agency within our federal government are unable to write law, ” cautioned Cargill Monday. “ Something which I have inside my house which i purchased legally, something that had been legal for 10 years & two U. S. presidents – all of a sudden- they changed their brain & they’re saying ‘ hey it’s illegal & we’re going to confiscate that & turn you into a felon overnight. ‘”

“ We’re taking it to the Department of Proper rights because they’re coming right after AR pistols, they’re coming after Sig braces, she or he is trying to get triggers, they’re trying to get everything . ”

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