January 27, 2023

Chapel of England Establishes £100m Woke Fund to “Address Past Wrongs of Slavery” as Parishes Struggle

While their drafty structures fall down around them.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has defended the institution of a £ 100 mil fund to “ address  past wrongs of slavery” during a time of financial crisis among parishes. The  Telegraph  has the tale .

The Church Commissioners, which  handles a lot more than £ 10 billion of assets   for the Church of England, introduced the pledge on Wednesday following last year’s distribution of a report which found that much of the institution’s wealth originates from the slave industry.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Revd Justin Welby, acknowledged how the £ 100 million cash injection comes amid installation concern over parishes’ “ stretched” finances.

However , he insisted that will “ it is now time to take action to address our shameful past”.

Following the announcement of the new fund, parishioners and clergy criticised the Archbishop intended for “ suddenly” having “ around £ 100 mil behind the back of the sofa” when vicars are dropping their jobs and parishes are being merged.

However , the Church Commissioners said that its new finance is vital in redressing the particular “ shameful and horrific sin” of  exploiting and owning human lives for profit.  

It added that the money would pay for a programme of investment, research and engagement. It said this could include funding to support “ communities affected by historic slavery”, as well as funding to pay for additional research into dioceses’, cathedrals’ and parishes’ historic hyperlinks with slavery.

Responding to the substantial fund, the Revd Marcus Walker, founder of the Save The Parish (STP) advertising campaign group, said:

Suddenly, the Church has money. After decades of telling us there is no money to fund the churches and priests who maintain the Church alive on the front side line, suddenly they’ve found £ 100 million behind the back of the sofa. Only last year they told us they couldn’t afford to fund the £ 12 million which would have cleared all the deficits run up by churches  which were caused by Covid, or the £ 24 million which would clear the deficits in dioceses – the main driver of church closures and clergy sackings. How do the Church have the metal neck ever to ask for an additional penny from its parishes once again?

Exactly what joys now await the particular dwindling worshippers of the Church of England, who – if they decide to stick around – will have to endure a further £ 100 million of hectoring and race-baiting over the supposed misdeeds of their ancestors, while their drafty buildings drop around them.

Worth  reading in full .

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