February 4, 2023

Democrat Shill Joy Behar States Biden Should Be Given ‘Benefit of the Doubt’ For Taking Categorized Docs

Meanwhile, “The View” co-host calls former President Donald Trump the “liar and a thief” to take classified documents.

The View web host Joy Behar showcased the girl partisan hypocrisy once again simply by defending Joe Biden for taking classified documents, which the girl previously lambasted former Chief executive Donald Trump for carrying out because he’s a “ liar and a thief. ”

“ We all know that Trump is really a liar and a thief. We know that. So it’s not that large a jump to say that he obstructed and he lied. We don’t think Biden is a liar and a thief, so we provide him the benefit of the doubt, ” Behar told the board on Tuesday.

So Biden, the most prolific liar ever to occupy the White House, has got the “ benefit of the doubt” simply because he’s a Liberal.

The F raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in August after this individual informed government officials he or she was in possession of documents he had declassified.

But unlike their protection of the Mar-a-Lago raid, the particular media and federal government downplayed revelations that classified materials were found this week at a Washington office Biden used as vice president.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy noted that Trump and Biden’s ownership of classified materials had been virtually the same but was becoming handled much differently with the media and the government.

“ Out of Biden’s own mouth, when he or she was expressing how shocked he was at exactly how irresponsible Trump was, this individual pointed out that if those files fell into the wrong fingers, they could compromise methods plus sources of intelligence, ” McCarthy told host  Brian Kilmeade.   “ And now the reporting we’re getting is that the documents that Biden was unlawfully retaining were designated as [sensitive compartmented information]. ”  

“ So it’s exactly the same problem, ” he added.

But , Biden had simply no authority as vice president to take classified material with him when he remaining office.

That strength resides only with the President of the United States, which Trump has been at the time he declassified files that were then moved to Mar-a-Lago after he left workplace.

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