February 4, 2023

Fentanyl-Related Deaths Skyrocket in US Amid Unprecedented Opioid Crisis

More than 107, 375 people died due to drug overdoses and drug poisonings in 2021

Over the last several years, america has found itself dealing with an insidious enemy that cannot be simply obliterated by the might of the military or strangled with economic sanctions, and which keeps claiming the lives of US citizens in a steadily growing pace – a drug called fentanyl.

A synthetic opioid analgesic nearly hundreds of times more powerful than morphine, fentanyl is approved to get medical use in the United States given that 1968.

The drug, however , is also used recreationally and is occasionally even mixed with other narcotics such as cocaine or heroin.

The number of documented law enforcement encounters testing good for fentanyl in the US began rapidly increasing around 2013 during the second term of President Barack Obama, using the Center for Disease Control (CDC) sounding the alarm in 2015 about a increase in  overdose fatalities   involving fentanyl.

The CDC specifically noted that illicitly-made fentanyl played a considerable part in this increase in drug-related deaths. With only 3, 105 synthetic opioid  overdose deaths   documented in 2013, the number achieved 36, 359 in 2019, with 56, 516 this kind of deaths reported in 2020 and 70, 601 in 2021.

US Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) even told media this January that 200 Us citizens die from fentanyl poisoning every day, adding that this medication claimed more US lives than the war in Vietnam. He went on to brand fentanyl as the “ primary killer of young adults. ”

The overall variety of general drug overdose deaths also skyrocketed in the United States, along with 107, 375 people perishing in the country due to drug overdoses and drug poisonings in 2021.

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