January 29, 2023

Leftist Activists in France Requisition House Belonging to Elderly Couple to House Refugees

Grandson associated with homeowners wonders if guideline of law still is present.

Leftist activists in France unhappy at the government’s treatment of asylum seekers broke into and ‘ requisitioned’ a house belonging to an elderly couple in order to support migrants.

“ Members of the Maison du Peuple (People’s House) organization requisitioned the property near the Grand-Blottereau park in the traditional western city of Nantes, claiming they had been left with no other option after authorities failed to respond to their concerns in regards to the shortage of temporary housing available to asylum seekers, ” reports Remix Information .

The house belongs to an elderly few aged 87 and 89-years-old, although it is currently empty because they are in a care home (something that doesn’t matter because personal property is private property).

The organization launched a statement claiming that it was a “ necessity” to seize the home because the govt hadn’t adequately addressed their own concerns about new migrants arriving in the area.

“ It is for this reason, as well as for lack of other choices, that despite our reluctance, we now occupy a private house, clear and abandoned for more than the usual year, ” the statement said.

Two Syrian families and a Congolese family with three children have now moved into the home.

The grandson from the homeowners condemned the “ unacceptable, illegal situation” plus wondered whether the rule of law still applied in France.

“ Should we be able to perform justice ourselves? ” he or she asked, adding that “ the inaction of the open public authorities and illegal takeovers by militant associations can result in real tragedies. ”

“ An association does not need the right to substitute open public authorities and requisition casing. They also unconsciously endanger the individuals they want to relocate, ” he said.

Probably the activists should start seizing the mansions of wealthy globalists who support mass migration to house asylum seekers and find out how far they get. Best of luck with that.

At the same time, France continues to enjoy the marvelous benefits of diversity.

Several people were injured in the stabbing attack at the Gare du Nord train station within Paris this morning after a man shouting Arabic phrases assaulted them, something that has now become a routine occurrence.

Police in Paris also have expressed concerns over the massive number of crimes being committed by migrants youths within the capital city.

“ Around 2, 000 supposed minor migrants, a lot of which are debated to be underage, live on the streets of Paris and have been at the rear of a disproportionate number of offences in the city in recent years, which includes 30 per cent of robberies, 44 per cent of pickpocketing and 32 per cent associated with robberies with violence in 2020, ” reports Breitbart .

As we recently highlighted , France’s greatest living author Michel Houellebecq could be in legal trouble after the Grand Mosque of Paris complained about him saying the French merely want Muslim migrants in order to “ stop stealing from and attacking them. ”

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