January 28, 2023

‘Mother Nature Not Happy With Us’: Ellen Degeneres Uses Cali. Floods to Push Environment Alarmism

Former talk display host brutally mocked upon social media after using Ca weather disaster to shill for climate change agenda.

Former talk show host Ellen Degeneres couldn’t help but make use of the latest weather disaster that impacted California to shill for the climate change plan.

Filming outside her Montecito home in front of an overflowing creek Monday, Degeneres blamed the torrential floods on human beings not being nice to Mother Nature.

“ This is crazy, ” Degeneres said, adding, “ We are having unprecedented rain. ”

She continued to say: “ We need to be nicer to Mother Nature. Nature is not happy with us. Let’s take a all do our part. Stay safe everybody. ”

Ellen has been brutally mocked on social networking for her climate alarmism:

Several Twitter users furthermore resurfaced accusations from previous employees of NBC’s “ The Ellen DeGeneres Show” who accused her associated with harassment and fostering the toxic work environment.

The well-off Montecito community where Ellen lives, which also homes other famous celebrities like The oprah show, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Katy Perry, Chris Pratt and more, was under obligatory evacuation orders during the weather conditions emergency.

In the mean time, Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom echoed Ellen’s climate concerns, saying, “ Hot’s getting a lot hotter… Dry’s getting a lot dryer. But the wet’s getting a lot wetter, as well. ”

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