January 28, 2023

Record: UK Teacher’s Unions Acquired Govt Mandate Masks For children Out Of Fear, Not Depending on Science

Political pressure leads to suffering schoolchildren

British teacher’s unions pressured the Division of Education to pressure children to wear masks during the Covid pandemic, a recent article published by The Daily Telegraph information.

Titled, “ Children compelled into face masks right after fears teachers might not show up, ” the article explains face masks were required for schoolchildren “ despite warnings from scientists that  masks were unlikely to halt the distribute of the omicron   variant. ”

Government documents provided to The Telegraph reveal just how teacher’s unions threatened the particular Department for Education to get their way.

For example , the unions cautioned teachers would strike when they didn’t feel safe enough at work.

Worried about a shortage of teachers, health ministers caved plus mandated masks despite the possible negative impact on students.

“ At the time many of us warned that [face masks in schools] would be terribly harmful to children, their education and wellbeing, ” mentioned former conservative party innovator Sir Iain Duncan Smith. “ It appears that they empty the risk to children in preference of threats from militant instructors. ”

In fact , the UK government is aware hiding children provided no defense against Covid and actually hindered understanding and mental health because their own studies concluded.

The particular medical dictatorship is in full force in Britain, but the people are beginning to get sick and tired of the constant Covid fearmongering.

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