February 1, 2023

VIEW: Neil deGrasse Tyson Includes a Fit After Interviewer Questions Covid Vaccine Effectiveness

Celebrity scientist has public meltdown.

This is hilarious.

Where is this “ social contract”   when it comes to the state locking upward criminals and preventing criminal offense?   Where is the social contract when it comes to safeguarding our borders and  stopping mass immigration?

The “ system” in place to review vaccines that Tyson cites was scrapped  as a result of “ Emergency Use Authorization” purchases.

Trump  openly bragged regarding threatening to fire FDA Office Stephen Hahn   if he didn’t indication off on approving the shots for “ emergency use” (Hahn dutifully do sign off on the EUA like a coward).

The CDC signed off on giving boosters to children  with actually zero testing at all.

The FDA vaccine advisory panel voted in favor of vaxxing kids outdated 5-11 with Pfizer’s experimental mRNA injection after panelist Dr . Eric Rubin stated,   “ Wish never going to learn about how safe this vaccine will be unless we start giving it. ”

None of the various covid shots prevented transmission, so the “ Typhoid Mary” debate isn’t very even relevant. When Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla  announced his mRNA shot was “ 100% efficient in preventing covid” cases in South Africa   that was only because covid had only barely started to spread among the demo participants.

Only 9 people out of 800 trial participants (1. 13%) in total tested positive for covid and they just so happened to have been in the particular placebo group.

“ Within South Africa, where the B. one 351 lineage is widespread and 800 participants had been enrolled, nine cases of COVID-19 were observed, just about all in the placebo group, showing vaccine efficacy of completely (95% CI, [53.5, 100.0]), ” Pfizer mentioned in a  pr release   in 04 2021.

Those results should have been jeered off at the time but instead our corrupt public health authorities ran with it and supported mandating everyone take these shots in order to have a job.

A Pfizer professional later testified  they skipped testing the vaccine’s efficacy at preventing transmission because they had to “ shift at the speed of science. ”

You can watch Tyson’s prolonged interview with Valuetainment’s Meat Bet-David below:

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