February 1, 2023

COVID Depopulation Kill Plan Accepted by CDC as VAERS Data Released

‘They knew it removed your immune system, they knew it didn’t work, ‘ says Alex Jones.

In what Alex Jones called the most ua-massive news on Covid vaccines up to now , the CDC launched the results of its VAERS protection signal monitoring admitting the particular experimental jabs are the most deadly of all time.

Jones also described during Wednesday’s transmission exactly how insurance company data shows nations with high Covid vaccination rates are reporting in regards to thirteen percent increase in fatalities.

“ They knew this erased your immune system, they will knew it didn’t work, ” Jones told his audience. “ They understood it caused blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks, shots, on and on… infertility, all sorts of problems with your menstrual cycles, it attacks your testicles. This is the CDC! ”

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