February 4, 2023

Moderna Developing 3-in-1 Jab regarding Covid, Flu, RSV

What could get it wrong?

Australian vaccine researchers have got launched clinical trials investigating whether a 3-in-1 jab produced by Moderna could focus on Covid, Flu and RSV.

A written report from 7News Australia follows a University of the Sunshine Coast clinical trial developing a jab that would supposedly control all three viruses.

“ If the vaccine works, the particular trial could be extended to younger people, ” says reporter Ned Balme, noting the all-in-one jab could help alleviate stress on the overburdened health care system and ease stress for vaccine-fatigued recipients.

News of Moderna’s latest jab provides the company is also researching a new mRNA chance meant to treat patients who have suffered heart failure , ironically a side effect which has been linked to both Moderna plus Pfizer experimental Covid jabs.

Reports of heart swelling cases grew so common during the initial vaccine rollout that even the CDC was forced to address the issue declaring the side effects were rare and mostly affected younger adult males.

Additional medical doctors and researchers have got disputed the rarity of such heart inflammation situations and contend the risk correlates with all the amount of jabs and boosters injected .

Reports also surfaced Wednesday Moderna is looking at raising the cost of its mRNA Covid jab from $26 to $110-$140 per dose, an incredible raise of 400%.

With the current mRNA vaccines being blamed for a multitude of deaths plus health issues , can people anticipate the same from Moderna’s forthcoming 3-in-1 jab scheme?

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