February 1, 2023

We Must Have The Truth About the “New Normal” Covid Policies Unleashed

The weaponization of science to censor, persecute, delegitimize, plus threaten those who had differing opinions has never happened with this scale in this country.

On April two, 2020, a paddle boarder was chased by professionals and taken into guardianship.

This event should have caused unanimous outrage over the absurdity of what happened – law enforcement caught a lone paddle boarder on Santa Monica Bay for the crime of “ flouting coronavirus closures. ”  

Conventional voices that could have questioned unscientific authoritarian policy instead provided cover. The  Los Angeles Times   justified   law enforcement’s ridiculous reaction by quoting a man of science who made the claim (presumably with a straight face): “..[SARS-CoV-2] could enter coastal waters and move back into the air. ” Setting aside the absurdity of this each other justification for shutting beaches, hiking trails, and parks, think of the story it perpetuated — the virus is so insidious that actually those who dared to paddle board alone on the sea might somehow spread this to the rest of us.  

The paddler’s arrest was an early sign that something had transformed in our country. A “ new normal” was mating from the chaotic, unscientific, politicized pandemic messaging mainly coming from biased news media and the once venerable Centers for Condition Control and Prevention and Dr . Anthony Fauci. The result was bitter contempt among two sides of the COVID-19 debate that metastasized into a deep distrust for science.  

Within an understatement of the century, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky recently summed up her agency’s role in promoting distrust in science by stating which they did not “ reliably satisfy expectations. ” Thus, it could pretty clear that for their part, nothing much will alter. Dr . Fauci proclaimed that because he “ represents science” any criticism of your pet is a direct attack on science. Translation, we ought not to expect any productive capitulation from him either.  

Although the CDC acknowledged playing a role in the growing distrust in technology, none of their professed forms of atonement, such as promising to share data faster and carrying out a better job of translation science into policy may restore trust without a procedure that includes honest debate.  

Over the past two years, the CDC cherry-picked data from articles rushed in order to print in their own log ( Morbidity Mortality Weekly Report ) to  justify   a lot of bad plan, including masking schoolchildren, which is still happening today, or forced the completely unscientific declaration that vaccine immunity can be superior to natural immunity.  

On the other hand, they  buried   data showing that on reinfection, vaccinated people without prior COVID-19 diagnosis were at  greater risk   of hospitalization than the unvaccinated with before COVID-19.  

Dr . Walensky also boldly  stated   that, “ Our information from the CDC today shows that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick. ” The untruthful messaging that vaccination stopped infection and transmission was justification to have an appalling trend of people mocking the COVID-19-related deaths of the unvaccinated.  

It’s unlikely the families targeted by such assaults will hear any i’m sorry, even though Dr . Fauci’s four shots  did not defend him   through reoccurring COVID-19, or that will Dr . Birx admitted that will inflated vaccine efficacy promises were  based on wish , not science.  

At the start of the pandemic, Dr . Fauci informed us not to buy face masks because they do not work. Once the politics changed, Fauci reversed himself and became the particular proponent of wearing not merely one mask – yet several. Dr . Fauci’s reason for the flip-flop was his only truth on the issue – he admitted which he lied, albeit “ nobly . ”

For his encore, Dr . Fauci confidently opined on the level of vaccine subscriber base required for herd immunity. Ultimately he admitted to  guessing at numbers   to frighten people into compliance. To be clear, Dr . Fauci used deception, not science, to support his version of public wellness policy.  

Anybody who was “ in the fence” about trusting Fauci, the self-proclaimed embodiment of “ the science, ” should have been forcefully pushed off after his tries to obfuscate when testifying to Congress on whether or not the US government funded “ gain of function” research that very  likely   created SARS-CoV-2.  

Losing trust was greatly increased by activist scientists and many of the news media. Dr . Fauci refused to say anything important of the nationwide  interpersonal justice protests   that might have discouraged people from participating in behaviors known to spread respiratory viruses.  

However , researchers and news sources  eagerly reported   alleged death tolls allegedly caused by Trump rallies, while  claiming   “ no evidence of demonstration spread. ”  

How could scientists  determine whether   the protests caused any kind of disease transmission or loss of life if contact tracers are not allowed to ask if someone attended a protest?

The weaponization of science to censor, persecute, delegitimize, and threaten people who had differing opinions never happened on this scale on this country.  

Fig. 1 . Comparison of everyday per capita cases between Texas (orange), which raised its mask mandate in March 2021, California (red), and New York (Green), which usually continued their masking procedures.  

Even President Biden capitalized on the politicization of mask-wearing by accusing the elected leader (and by extension the citizens) of Texas of “ Neanderthal thinking” for removing the particular mask mandate in 2021. Meanwhile, states such as California and New York were  praised   designed for “ following the science. ”  

A simple comparison of the epidemic figure between these states failed to justify the divisive unsupported claims (Fig. 1). But rather compared to have these conversations, it had been easier to just  slander dissenters  and censor intelligent discussion.  

As the old stating goes, “ a lay is halfway around the world prior to the truth gets its shoes or boots on. ” Thankfully, the truth finally has its shoes on and is catching on many fronts, such as the  questionable   effectiveness of mask requires.  

The particular “ Neanderthal thinking” jab was uttered around the period the news media,   outraged   simply by Governor Ron DeSantis’ steady leadership in Florida, hoped to get “ Ron DeathSantis” trending on social media.  

Not surprisingly, the information told a different story regarding Florida (Fig. 2). It might be clear that “ follow the science” was just a motto. Politics, lies, and vindictive moral superiority are cooked into our nation’s COVID-19 policy.

Fig. second . Age-adjusted COVID-19 deaths in Florida and California. The circles are  proportional   to state inhabitants. Although these states adopted dramatically different policies, that they had comparable outcomes.

Trust in technology might never be restored in people who lost their particular livelihood to unscientific lockdowns or vaccine mandates. But , here’s some advice for individuals like Dr . Walensky plus Dr . Fauci to get back some of the trust.

1) Go back to the  basics   associated with Public Health: “ Voluntary measures are more likely to induce assistance and protect public believe in than coercive measures, and are more likely to prevent attempts to avoid contact with the healthcare program. ”  

2) Invite dissenting professionals to the table for open policy debate. Excess malaria and opioid deaths within young people, while millions of children were thrusted into acute starvation, are examples of  significant   COVID-19  policy   failures . Great Barrington Declaration scientists warned about such security damage, but were maligned and censored. At the very least, the general public would have benefitted from a various perspective on the risk of catching COVID-19 from sea spray.  

3) Vindictive moral superiority is terrible public wellness messaging. Heed the recommendation from an  post   in  The Atlantic : “ Viruses are not moral real estate agents, and infection is not a private failure. ”    

4) Truly apologize to people who were terminated, maligned, censored, or physically harmed, then tell us your own justification for ignoring table data and continuing policy that encouraged these needless outcomes.

5) none of the above will matter if public health officials do not tell the truth, including the nuance, and trust that the American people can handle it. George Santayana famously said, “ Those that cannot remember yesteryear are condemned to repeat it. ” Let’s hope we now have learned from our mistakes, mainly because given the state of the planet right now, we cannot pay for to repeat them.

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