January 28, 2023

‘Covid mRNA Vaccines Do Bring Cardiovascular Risk, ’ Cardiologist Warns on BBC News!

Establishment triggered reputable physician exposed Covid vaccine risks on live television.

NHS-trained consultant cardiologist Dr . Aseem Malhotra had taken the opportunity during an appearance on BBC News to tell the viewing public of the cardiovascular dangers linked to the experimental Covid-19 jab.

In a surprising job interview discussing the NHS’s new guidance recommending doctors prescribe more statins to sufferers to reduce the risk of heart episodes, Dr . Malhotra injected red-colored pills about the Covid jabs’ heart risks.

“ … What is almost certainly, and if you’ll allow me to say this from what my own research has found – and this is something that is probably a likely contributing factor – is that the Covid mRNA vaccines do carry cardiovascular danger, ” Malhotra told BBC host Lukwesa Burak.

“ And I have actually called for the suspension of this pending an query because there’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment about what causes the excess deaths, ” Dr . Malhotra explained, adding that his father died after suffering heart arrest in addition to a long ambulance delay.

“ I then published within a peer-reviewed journal and they approved my findings that the probably cause of his death has been two doses of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine he had 6 months earlier, ” Malhotra stated before being cut off with the BBC presenter, who asked if the link between mRNA and cardiovascular risk had been scientifically proven.

Dr . Malhotra went on to cite a study that will reanalyzed Pfizer’s and Moderna’s clinical trials conducted by clinical scientist Dr . Frederick Fraiman  which found  serious adverse events occur at a rate of 1 in 800.

Despite the interview clearly going awry for the BBC , the particular presenter allowed Malhotra to keep expounding on his viewpoints for another two minutes.

Following Malhotra’s appearance, panicked mainstream media outlets published articles condemning the BBC for giving an “ anti-vaxxer” a platform plus letting him “ hijack” the interview.

In response to  the Protector   hit item, Malhotra said, “ Healthcare science is ever-evolving – discussing new developments freely is hard because the complicit press wants to only frame mRNA as right or wrong, to conflate mRNA shot debate as an entire strike on all vaccines, and also to politicize views as remaining or right. ”

The BBC ‘ s i9000 interview was also highlighted by UK MP Andrew Bridgen who was offender earlier this week of spouting anti-semitism right after he tweeted,   “ As one consultant cardiologist said to me this is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust. ”

“ At last something on the BBC News reporting concerns over mRNA ‘ vaccine’ causes harm to, ” Bridgen commented.

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