February 4, 2023

Covid Vaccines Are “Obviously Dangerous” and Should Be Halted Immediately, Say Senior Swedish Doctors

The true character and scope of the harm caused by the unprecedented bulk vaccinations for COVID-19 is simply now beginning to become obvious.

There comes after a public statement with a group of five senior Swedish doctors who, in cooperation with Dr . Johan Eddebo, a researcher in digitalisation and human rights, are raising the alert regarding the Covid vaccines, which they describe as “ obviously dangerous”. They say there should be an “ immediate halt” to the bulk vaccination pending “ thorough investigations” of the true occurrence and severity of negative effects.

The true character and range of the harm caused by the particular unprecedented mass vaccinations for COVID-19 is just now beginning to become clear. Leading scientific  journals have finally started publishing data corroborating the actual underground research community has observed over the last two years, especially in relation to complex problems of  immune suppression .

Truly regarding numbers pertaining to both births and mortality are also rising.

At this moment over time, a new, allegedly super-infectious Omicron variant is all over the headlines. A  sub-variant of XXB , this stress is said to possess immune get away capabilities of precisely the kind that some  indie researchers   expected would follow on the heels of the mass vaccinations’ thin antigenic fixation.  

The WHO  maintains   that will worldwide, 10, 000 people still die due to Covid every single day, an implausible dying toll more than ten occasions that of an average flu. This reiterates the urgent requirement for vaccinations, especially in light associated with China’s reopening and allegedly falsified data on fatality and infections.

The EU has even  called an emergency summit   in light of the purported Chinese “ Covid chaos” that “ phone calls to mind how everything began in Wuhan, three years ago”.

In Sweden, the Minister for Health and Social Affairs has said he  cannot rule out brand new restrictions , and states that everyone must consider “ their three doses”, since “ only” 85% of the population is ‘ fully inoculated’.

That such an extensive shot coverage has not yielded better results after nearly two years is really a remarkable fact. Even more therefore in light of some individuals getting four or more repeated exposures to the same vaccine antigen, yet still contracting the disease they are supposedly immunised against.

At the same time, even more threatening warning signs abound.

One such warning sign is the fact that typical mortality in many Western declares is still at a remarkably higher level, in spite of the direct associated with the coronavirus being marginal for more than a year.   Data from EuroMOMO   indicate the marked excess mortality in the EU for all of 2022, and the German Bureau associated with Statistics  reports   that the country’s mortality in October was a lot more than 19% over the median value of the preceding years.

Is this due to Covid, as the WHO’s ’10 000 per day’ figure would seem to indicate?

Fault is placed at the feet associated with ‘ Long Covid ‘ as well as the normal acute infections, but according to the  EuroMOMO   and  The world in Data   stats, the bulk of the excess fatalities in Europe during 2022 are actually not due to medically manifest coronavirus infections.

Moreover, we should not see continued excess deaths from a respiratory virus of the kind after three years of global exposure due to the inevitable consolidation of natural defenses.

If this kind of situation persists, the theoretical connection to a vaccine-related immunity suppression that just now has come into focus becomes important to investigate in detail.  

If,   as has been argued , the vaccinations, and especially the particular boosters, alter the immune profile of recipients such that Covid infections get ‘ tolerated’ by the immune system, it’s possible that will vaccinated individuals will are likely towards a situation of long-term, repeat infections that do not get cleared, and do not present along with obvious symptoms, while still promoting systemic damage.  

The  literature now indicates   an extensive substitution within the vaccinated of virus-neutralising antibodies for non-inflammatory ones, the ‘ class switch’ from antibodies that work towards cleaning the virus from our system, to some category of antibodies whose objective is to desensitise us in order to irritants and allergens.

The net effect would be that the inflammatory response to Covid contamination gets down-regulated (reduced). This means that full-blown infections will present along with milder symptoms, and that they refuse to get cleared as effectively (partly since fever plus inflammation are essential to your body getting rid of a pathogen).

That these developments alone aren’t cause for an immediate halt to the mass shots, as well as thorough investigations, is definitely astonishing.

There is certainly of course another, and more famous, potential partial explanation from the surprising excess mortality. We have indications of clotting problems connected to the Covid vaccines, evident in a  brand new major Nordic study , while repeated studies evidence a clear correlation between heart problems and Covid vaccination (see  Le Vu  et al. ,   Karlstad  et al.   and  Patone  et al. ).

A newly published  Thai study   moreover indicated that nearly a third of the vaccinated youngsters enrolled exhibited cardiovascular manifestations, and a yet unpublished  Swiss study   suggests that as many as 3% of everybody vaccinated manifest heart muscle mass damage.

And as stated above, we also see signals pertaining to male fertility disturbances connected to the Covid vaccines.

An  Israeli study   shows impaired motility plus sperm concentrations after both Pfizer and Moderna vaccination. The safety committee from the European Medicines Agency  has also affirmed   that the vaccines may cause monthly disturbances, and  Pfizer’s own studies   indicate that the lipid nanoparticles of the mRNA-vaccines cluster in the reproductive organs.

The hypothesis that COVID-19 vaccinations influence fertility is definitely supported by a significant plus unprecedented decline in the Swedish birth rate during the very first months of 2022.   According to Swedish demographers , the decline is usually ” surprising”.

There are  similar data   from many other Western countries, and also to continue the mass shots for low-risk groups for example children or pregnant women is completely irresponsible – especially since the vaccinations  do little or nothing to stop the particular spread   since was initially promised, and is frequently still falsely maintained.

One hopes the fact that hypothesis of a decline within birth rates due to the shots can be falsified through a thorough and independent investigation as soon as possible. The numbers are truly worrying.

The fact that Pfizer’s data pertaining to fertility disturbances had been hidden away and needed to be  discovered through a FOIA   request is certainly typical for the entire situation.

There’s almost no 3rd party public debate on problems, and critical perspectives are usually actively suppressed by the major digital platforms.

Public watchdogs such as the Western european Medicines Agency are financed by the pharmaceutical industry and  often base their particular recommendations   on Big Pharma’s in-house studies. The independence of our scientific and academic institutions is certainly threatened, and we see a confluence between scientific research, private corporate interests and politics and ideological objectives on every level.

To place a digital filter associated with censorship on top of all of this, exactly where proprietary algorithms micromanage the particular flow of information and the public debate in accordance with the purposes of their owners, in practice way to abolish the open democratic society and independent medical research.

Recent disclosures   also show that the electronic platforms have actively worked well towards suppressing critical points of views on the Covid policies and the mass vaccinations. Twitter has for this purpose developed clandestine censorship strategies and employed so-called ‘ shadowbanning’ with the effect of an almost undetectable suppression from the visibility of posts plus accounts connected to undesirable points of views and analyses. Facebook got down  more than seven million posts   in order to influence the debate upon Covid only during the 2nd quarter of 2020. YouTube has banned publishing associated with video material that contains crucial perspectives on the Covid shots. Such content is  designated ‘ misinformation’ plus ‘ disinformation’   whether or not it is supported simply by relevant data.

These kinds of measures have very serious consequences. Digitalisation’s centralised control over the flow of information isn’t going to just affect policy for the local and regional degree, but also influences the way in which scientific and journalistic work can be designed and carried out. Celebrate structures that immediately stifle heterodox views and silences critical voices through fearfulness and indirect persecution.

Public trust in our common institutions will certainly be eroded by this development.

The open society now desperately needs a renaissance. The democratic and scientific discourses should be rebuilt from the ground upward, and in a way which aspects the new and unique dangers of our contemporary situation, and which protects and emphasises the responsibility of the individual citizen.

Key to this within our current predicament is to push on with critical questions pertaining to the obviously dangerous mass vaccinations and to investigate the corruption of our political and scientific institutions the fact that Covid situation has shed light on.  

It is important that we immediately begin to treatment the significant damage which has been rendered to global general public health, and to the open up society as such.  

Johan Eddebo, Ph. D, researcher in digitalisation and human rights

Sture Blomberg, MD, Ph. D, Associate Teacher in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care and former mature physician

Ragnar Hultborn, Professor Emeritus, specialist in oncology

Sven Romá n, MD, Child and Adolescent Doctor, since 2015 Consultant Psychiatrist working in Child and Teenager Psychiatry throughout Sweden

Lilian Weiss, Associate Professor, specialist in surgical treatment

Nils Littorin, resident in psychiatry, MARYLAND in clinical microbiology

The authors are members of the bio-medico-legal network of  Lä karuppropet . They are arranging a  conference within Stockholm   on January 21st-22nd in conjunction with the Swedish Doctors’ Appeal network. Its main focus will be at the consequences of the global COVID-19 politics and the effects of the Covid vaccines.

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