February 1, 2023

Flashback: Intel Agency Offered Work to Sandy Hook Present shooter Adam Lanza

FBI document revealed agents from not known intel agency visited Lanza home years before massacre and informed his mother they would consider her boy a prospective hire.

With Sandy Hook back in the information following Piers Morgan’s latest hatchet job interview with Alex Jones , it’s worth looking back again at one of the most bizarre anomalies that went overlooked by many people news outlets.

Five years after the school shooting happened, the FBI released a lengthy, seriously redacted report concerning its investigation into the matter.

Page 41 of Part 1 of the Bureau’s report exposed agents from an unknown intelligence agency had allegedly visited the Lanza home yrs before the massacre took place.

An unidentified source based on information from Lanza’s mother told agents the boy, while in the ninth quality, was visited at their home by either CIA or FBI agents right after hacking “ a government computer system. ”

The agents reportedly went on to tell Lanza’s mom that based on Adam’s cleverness they would certainly consider her son a prospective hire.

From the Bureau’s report (Page 41 of Part 1 ):

When Adam Lanza was in ninth grade, Nancy told [redacted] that Adam had hacked into a government computer system. Adam had made it through the 2nd level of security and when he or she tried to breach the third degree the screen went dark and the authorities showed up at the Lanza’s door at thirty six Yogananda Street. Nancy thought that the authorities that came along at her door had been either the FBI or maybe the CIA. Nancy had to encourage the authorities that her son was just quite intelligent and was challenging himself to see if can hack into a government system. The authorities told Nancy that if the girl son was that smart he could have a job with them someday.

While the info in no way indicates the shooting didn’t occur, the fantastical tale right out of the FBI’s own information is just one of numerous doubtful anomalies that prompted individuals on the internet to speculate about the details surrounding the massacre.

The details from the FBI’s records vault dovetail along with angles covered by Alex Jones Friday in response to Piers’ hit job interview, in which he stopped working various instances where the mainstream media also questioned anomalies , which includes one report stating Lanza years prior to the shooting acquired participated within behavioral experiments at the Child Study Center at Yale University where he was given mind-altering drugs.

Check out Part one of the Bureau’s report below:

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