January 27, 2023

Houston Taco Joint Shooting Has been Justified Self-Defense And D. A. Should NOT Have Delivered Case to Grand Court, Legal Expert Says

The shooting appears to be justified.

Fox News Digital on Thursday spoke with a Houston criminal defense attorney whom said that  the hero customer who chance and killed an armed robber at a local taco joint last week   was completely justified and District Attorney Kim Ogg must not have sent the case to some grand jury.

From  Fox News, “ Armed Houston taqueria customer justified in shooting armed robbery suspect under Texas law: legal expert” :

An armed thievery suspect was shot lifeless by an armed consumer in a Houston taqueria last week in a shooting that one felony defense attorney in the area informed Fox News Digital has been justified under Texas regulation.

“ A person is justified in using force against another person whenever and to the degree he or she reasonably believes force is immediately necessary to protect him contrary to the other person’s use of pressure, ” Houston criminal protection attorney Sean Buckley   told Fox News Digital regarding Texas law and how it relates to the controversial shooting captured on video last weekend of an armed robber being shot dead by a customer within a Houston restaurant.

[…]  Under Texas law, Buckley told Fox News Digital, the shooting appears to be justified and is “ presumed to become reasonable in the case of an armed robbery. ”

“ Deadly drive is permissible to prevent a good armed robbery, which was still ongoing. I think what’s vital that you keep in mind is that just because this particular armed robber was moving out of the restaurant did not imply that the threat was more than. ”

Buckley said  armed robbers in Houston will quite often shoot people indiscriminately as well as for no reason at all which the threat was “ still alive” since the irritated robbery was still happening as the robber walked away with the customers’ money.

[…] “ The law of self-defense, as broad as it is in Texas, is only as good as the officials who use it, ” Buckley told Fox News Digital.   “ There’s no need for a great jury here. These prosecutors could easily make a determination on their own. ”

“ This was clearly self-defense or otherwise a justifiable use of deadly power and they should make that decision rather than pass the buck. ”

Buckley says the decision to deliver the case to a grand jury, in his opinion, is an example of prosecutors “ undervaluing” citizens’ rights to defend themselves.

“ Particularly when you have a liberal progressive administration like the one in Harris County, you have people who are 2nd guessing the legislature’s guidelines and applying them in the way that they see fit, based on their individual philosophies. ”

Houston Ag Kim Ogg, whose marketing campaign was financially backed with the network of progressive billionaire George Soros, has faced criticism for implementing what some believe are soft-on-crime policies.

This perfectly backs up my own  lay analysis of the case .

Ogg knows great juries can indict a ham sandwich and she understands Houston juries can find blameless men guilty but the lady refused to make the right choice and defend the victim’s right to self-defense because she actually is a Black Lives Matter supporter who is funded by George Soros.

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