February 6, 2023

Rolls-Royce Sales Hit Record Since Rich Splurged On Luxurious While Everyone Else Crushed By Inflation

The ua-wealthy were increasingly purchasing luxurious vehicles.

2022 was obviously a terrible year for billionaires, many of which lost almost $2 trillion combined.

Despite share, crypto, and bond market turmoil, as well as soaring interest rates, elevated inflation, and improved risk of economic uncertainness, the ua-wealthy were progressively purchasing luxury vehicles.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars  published   a press release stating this recorded its “ highest-ever annual sales” in 2022, delivering 6, 021 motor cars, up 8% vs 2021.  

“ This is the first time within the company’s 118-year history that will its sales have surpassed 6, 000 in a single 12-month period, ” the British luxury carmaker said.  

Rolls-Royce’s sales were led by the ALL OF US, China, and European markets. The automaker said orders stretched well into this season and noted the high requirement for its vehicles, many of which usually fetch $500k, which led to an expansion of the carrier’s Goodwood plant in the UK.  

“ 2022 has been a important year for Rolls-Royce Engine Cars, ” CEO Torsten Mü ller-Ö tvö h wrote in a statement.  

“ Our order book stretches far into 2023 for all models, ” Mü ller-Ö tvö s ongoing. “ We haven’t seen any slowdown in orders. ”

Mü ller-Ö tvö s added the brand’s bespoke, customized approach to “ ever more imaginative plus technically demanding – a challenge we enthusiastically embrace. ”  

And it’s not just Rolls-Royce. Bentley and Lamborghini had report sales last year.  

Lamborghini delivered nine, 233 vehicles in 2022, a 10% increase in the year before. Bentley shipped 15, 174 vehicles, the 4% increase over 2021, which was a record year.  

The growth of luxury vehicle product sales reflects high net wealth folks are doing just fine regardless of a vast amount of wealth vaporization due to central banks tensing monetary policy. As for everybody else, many folks can barely afford their $1, 000 vehicle payment, as an  auto bust seems almost inevitable .  

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