February 4, 2023

Surprise Video: Knife-Wielding Suspect Removed by Bystanders at Walmart

Military vet smashes suspect over head with stanchion during tense standoff

A suspect brandishing a knife was neutralized by bystanders at a Walmart in South Carolina last week, according to reports.

The particular harrowing incident unfolded in around 2 p. meters. on January 4 in the capital city of Columbia.

A man began yelling and pulled a knife near the registers, WIS News reports.

Video of the intervention was shared on social media.

The suspect can be seen waving a blade and threatening to cut buyers, some of whom tried to relaxed him down.

Suddenly, a man later identified as military veteran Demario Davis, charges up to the suspect and smashes him over the mind with a stanchion used to support crowd-control barriers.

The suspect is pulled to the ground and one more man swoops in to get the knife from the floor.

“ I had been at the checkout when my son noticed the man walk in with the knife open. He then proceeded towards the service desk waving the particular knife at a few female employees. They took off running from the guy. I then questioned a female employee, ‘ Where is security? ‘ and she stated she was security, ” Davis told Fox News .

“ As I’m walking towards the area where the gentleman waving the  knife is terrorizing various other customers  and employees, he yelled out, ‘ When the cops get here I’m going to start cutting you all up. ‘”

Davis says he waited for that right moment, and took action when he saw an opportunity.

Bystanders restrained the suspect till police arrived.

Infowars has been reporting on the  surge associated with crime   in several U. S. cities.

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