February 4, 2023

The reason why Proposal to Place Zelensky Bust line in Capitol Speaks Volumes About Corruption in DC

What does Zelensky have on the Bidens & Washington?

South Carolina Republican Congressman Joe Wilson introduced an answer to place a bust associated with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the US Capitol earlier this week only to come under criticism from his fellow GOP lawmakers.

“ The resolution is laughable to say the least, ” Lisa Haven, a libertarian commentator, radio host plus alternative media news analyst, told Sputnik. “ Later on Wilson, and anyone who facilitates this nonsense, is supporting the very guy who banned opposition parties in his country and is currently cracking upon Christianity. This is not a man that should receive such status. We already have enough democrat and RINO [Republicans in name only] worship of Zelensky via the billions of American taxpayer dollars that he continues to receive. We don’t need a bust where people can praise him daily. This is The united states, not Ukraine. ”

On Mon, South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson tabled a resolution to direct the House Fine Arts Panel to obtain a bust of the Ukrainian president and then find a “ suitable, permanent location” for your statue in the Capitol Building.

It’s not the very first time that Wilson has come up with the controversial initiative: in March 2022, the lawmaker also sought to place the particular Ukrainian president’s bust in america Capitol.

“ Anyone not associated with the idea that the US must selectively police or fund clashes abroad without regard to helping Americans, would not just object to lionizing Zelenskyy with a bust (which is utterly absurd), but also would object to funding any more associated with Zelensky’s international Ponzi Plan, ” Republican political commentator Marc Little told Sputnik, in an apparent reference to the October 2021 bombshell ‘ Pandora Papers’ release by the Organized Crime and Problem Reporting Project (OCCRP). The expose  shed light on Zelensky’s offshore companies   and his longstanding cooperation along with Ihor Kolomoisky, a Ukrainian oligarch dogged by US allegations of multibillion-dollar fraud.

In response to Wilson’s relentless efforts to obtain Zelensky’s bust, GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga) tweeted on Thursday: “ Absolutely NOT! We serve The united states not Ukraine! ” Greene is well known for her criticism from the Ukrainian president: in 03 2022 she openly known as Zelensky “ corrupt”.

Republican Representative Andy Biggs (R-Ariz) echoed Greene on Twitter: “ Was your $100Bln+ to Ukraine not enough? ”

In late December 2022, Congress handed a government funding bill, which included $45Bln in aid for Ukraine. In addition , the particular Pentagon pledged $1. 85Bln as well as the US Patriot missile system for the Ukrainian military. Earlier, in March and May 2022, US lawmakers voted for a total of $54Bln for Kiev.

“ I believe our American lawmakers, including some Republicans, have truly lost view of what we the American people want and need, ” Haven said. “ Rather than focusing on us and the fact that several Americans are now going hungry and hurting financially from inflation, they’re sending the tax-paying dollars to a dictator, despite the fact that we desperately require it. Congress is more concerned with actively playing political games than it really is with its own people. And they are putting us all at risk of war. They have no regard for We the People. And Americans are ticked! ”

What Does Zelensky Have on the Bidens & Other people?

There are many United states politicians, especially in the camp associated with Democrats, who have a lot to hide regarding Ukraine, according to Haven. She does not rule out that Zelensky has dirt on some American policymakers, such as the family of the incumbent ALL OF US President Joe Biden. The First Son, Hunter Biden, utilized to serve on the board associated with Ukraine’s gas company Burisma, and received a hefty salary despite having simply no expertise in energy or Ukrainian economic policies.

On 24 March 2022, the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) revealed, citing documents obtained throughout the Russian special operation within Ukraine, that Hunter Biden-linked firm Rosemont Seneca preserved “ close ties” with all the US defense contractors, which includes Metabiota and Black & Veatch (B& V), plus participated in the financing from the Pentagon’s biological program within Ukraine. On 25 03 2022, The Daily Mail reported that  Seeker indeed “ helped safe millions of dollars of funding” meant for Metabiota , a Pentagon contractor which worked within Ukraine, specializing in research on pandemic-causing diseases “ that may be used as bioweapons”.

Americans are Worse Off Because of Biden’s Adventurism

The Biden administration’s excessive focus on the Ukraine standoff at a time when all sorts of conflicts simmer in the Middle East and Northern Africa speaks volumes, according to Small.

“ The absence of any public information on the US response to these additional conflicts tells a tale about what’s ‘ actually going on’ with our interest in Ukraine whose leaders are already historically corrupt, ” the particular commentator said. “ You need only look to then vice-president Joe Biden on movie tape exhorting the Ukrainian leadership with $1Bln to fire the prosecutor who was looking into his son Hunter Biden. This is openly reprehensible habits by the US vice-president which usually seems to be an acceptable practice given the absence of international outrage. ”

He argues that pouring tens of billions of dollars within the conflict in Ukraine when the US economy is weakening by the day makes no sense. Likewise, the US neocons are usually prioritizing the conflict within Eastern Europe at the time, once the Biden administration has left “ the southern US border open – allowing millions of unknown illegal immigrants into the country with all of the known and horrific consequences – powered up gasoline prices in the pump, and tanked the economy (inflation and recession), and go all-in meant for Ukraine”.

Based on Little, Americans are even worse off as a direct result of the spending and Biden’s politics with regard to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

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