February 4, 2023

Japan’s Experts Baffled by High ‘Covid’ Deaths From Heart disease Despite High Vaccination Rate

What could possibly explain this?

After three booster campaigns in 2022, the Japanese are now in a league of their own among mRNA consuming countries, administering far more boosters than countries that had much more coercive vaccination campaigns.

Japanese over-65s did their best to reduce Japan’s  612-million-dose stockpile   of mRNA jabs, along with third, fourth and fifth  jab rates   of 91%, 82. 5%, and 56%, respectively. But unfortunately, Japan offers started 2023 by reporting its highest ever every day Covid death tolls. During the booster era starting at the begining of 2022, each wave has been noticeably higher than the last.

What could possibly explain this particular? Let’s ask  Takaji Wakita , Chairman associated with Japan’s Covid Response Advisory Board: “ The cause of the rise in Covid deaths is difficult to explain. ”

What about Dr .   Satoshi Kamayachi , Director of the Japan Medical Association? “ There’s a lot all of us don’t know, and we don’t have proof. ”

JMA Director on increased Covid deaths: “ There’s a lot we how to start, and we don’t have evidence. ”

Great to see an expert admit the particular limit of his understanding. But there must be something Dr . Kamayachi can tell us, correct?

Doctor Kamayachi, citing the fast spread of Covid bacterial infections as one reason, explained that almost all those who died were over 60 and many had root medical conditions.   The direct cause of death is often cardiovascular failure or kidney illness, and he said that “ thorough analysis is needed”.

Heart failure, you say? Well, a possibility like most Japanese over 60 have been injected multiple times with anything that causes  cardiovascular problems , is it? Plus kidney disease is somehow a side-effect of  Remdesivir , an authorized Covid treatment in Japan.

Of course , The japanese has been counting anyone who passes away with a positive test result as a Covid death no matter actual cause of death given that 2020, but Dr . Kamayachi and the rest of Japan’s professionals haven’t bothered bringing up the void of attribution until now. In fact , they were more than happy to cite inflated mortality data to help advertise the jabs. But now that individuals may question why day-to-day reported Covid deaths are usually higher than ever after the most of over-65s have taken the experts’ advice to get multiple boosters, underlying medical conditions can apparently be discussed.

But although he’s 3 years late, Dr . Kamayachi includes a point. Although reported Covid deaths have been much higher within the booster era, far less Covid cases have been receiving  mechanical ventilation   (the grey collection shows the number of ventilators (with ECMO) secured for Covid patients).

But even when hardly any of them have been fighting for breath on mechanised ventilation, Japan’s elderly have already been dying in higher than expected numbers in the booster period. The national figures for December won’t be out until late February, but Yokohama (Japan’s second largest city) has already releases its all-cause death numbers for 2022. Somehow I doubt Dr . Kamayachi will call for a “ thorough analysis” to find out the reason for the increase since Aug.

All-cause deaths in Yokohama 2016-2022

Although there’s no good news in charge of Japan’s vaxxed-to-the-max elderly, there is for Japan’s medical institution: high numbers of Covid fatalities mean the publicly financed Covid gravy train can keep going. From the  Nikkei .

On January 11th, experts provided their on views reclassifying COVID-19 under the Infectious Illnesses Act.   In light of the current situation where the quantity of reported Covid deaths daily is the highest ever, the experts called for the Government  to keep to provide a certain amount of monetary support to cover treatment plus hospitalisation costs and for protecting hospital beds.

Basically, the Government’s selected experts, including Doctor Wakita above, recommend that Covid should be downgraded ‘ gradually’, i. e., medical expenses should continue to be covered by public funds rather than health insurance or even out-of-pocket payments like every other medical condition. This might seem reasonable. But under the current system of Covid support obligations, hospitals can be paid  ¥ 436, 000 ($3, 370) per day   to ‘ secure’ just one ICU bed regardless of whether anybody is in it. And overpriced Covid treatments include glorified cold medications like  Shinogi’s Xocova .

So let’s summarize what the experts have informed us. The cause of increased Covid deaths? “ Dunno. ” Should the Government keep bathing medical institutions and pharma companies with money? “ Absolutely! ”

Well, what were a person expecting them to say?

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