February 4, 2023

NATO Ramps Up Presence within Ukraine’s Neighbor

The bloc’s AWACS spy aircraft are set to get to Romania to keep an eye upon Russia

NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION will send a deployment associated with Airborne Warning and Manage System (AWACS) surveillance aeroplanes to Romania to  “ monitor Russian army activity”   among the Ukraine conflict, the US-led military bloc announced on Thursday.

In a statement, NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION said  its  “ eyes in the sky”   are expected to arrive within the Bucharest area on January 17, to strengthen the particular bloc’s presence in the region. Romania, which borders Ukraine, currently hosts a number of NATO products, including the American 101st top notch Airborne division.

The bloc did not stipulate how many planes will be positioned in Romania. However , the particular German press agency DPA reported that NATO plans to deploy three AWACS there.

The AWACS planes will  begin  reconnaissance flights, which will take place only over the alliance’s territory, in the coming days, using their mission scheduled to last  “ several weeks. ”   In addition , the surveillance mission will be backed by about 180 service associates, who will be deployed at the Otopeni air force foundation near the Romanian capital, a few 200km (124 miles) from the Ukrainian border.

The planes themselves are a part of a fleet of fourteen NATO surveillance aircraft usually based in Geilenkirchen in traditional western Germany. These aircraft include long-range radar and unaggressive sensors capable of detecting targets over large distances while staying in the air for hours.

The US-led military bloc has been conducting normal surveillance operations on the eastern flank, monitoring the particular conflict in Ukraine ever since Russia launched its military offensive against the neighboring condition in February 2022.

The deployment associated with AWACS planes comes as a large number of US armor and army vehicles started to arrive in the Netherlands on Wednesday before heading out to NATO’s eastern flank, according to Reuters. In total, about 1, 250 pieces of army equipment are said to be disembarking from the Dutch port associated with Vlissingen, US officials said.

On Mon, Nikolay Patrushev, the secretary of Russia’s national safety council, stated that the ongoing Ukraine conflict  “ is not a confrontation in between Moscow and Kiev, but instead a military stand-off along with NATO. ”

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